FDPPI Invites Participation

FDPPI invites interested persons who want to join this movement of Data Protection Professionals.

Persons interested need to first become “Donors”. Out of the Donors, those who donate Rs 5000/- and above can exercise the option to become “Members” who will have voting rights as well as participate in the management of the Company as members of the Governing Council.

Initial members of the Governing Council would be “Nominated”. Once the membership reaches a critical level and not later than the first annual meeting of members, the members of the Governing Council would be elected by members in a due process of election.

The Regional Governing Councils will have a maximum of 9 members and initially 5 members may be inducted by nomination.

On 29th of September 2018, a physical meeting of the proposed members is taking place in Bangalore. Subsequently similar meetings may be held elsewhere.

During the meeting, Naavi would explain the objectives of the Company and its proposed management structure and initiate action to enrol members.

Interested persons may request for membership application form by sending an e-mail request as per e-mail details available in the contact page.

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