First Offline meeting at Bangalore on 29th September 2018

Meeting of FDPPI Provisional Members on 29th September 1018- AGENDA

A meeting of the provisional members of FDPPI is being arranged at 3rd floor, at No 12, 24th Main,  J P Nagar 2nd Phase (Above The Bottle), near RV Dental College at  4.00 pm on 29th September 2018. (I have sent the google map of the venue on the Telegram and WhatsApp group.)

This will be the first physical meeting of the provisional members.

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  1. To explain the objectives of FDPPI
  2. To explain the proposed operational structure and how you can participate.
  3. To inform the developments till date.
  4. To explain the proposed means of funding in the form of Donations.
  5. To explain the proposed procedure for becoming voting members of the Company
  6. To explain the procedure to become a member of the Regional Council of FDPPI at Bangalore.
  7. To accept Donations and Membership applications from the members
  8. To discuss some of the future activities
  9. To answer any queries that you may have on the organization

P.S: Those who have not confirmed participation earlier may kindly confirm through email.

Those who want to join through video conferencing may contact Naavi by e-mail.


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