Delhi Chapter of FDPPI launched

In a well attended meeting held at the office of Deloitte, Gurugaon, the Delhi Chapter of FDPPI was formally launched.

Mr Gautam Kapoor, partner, Deloitte speaking on the occassion highlighted the special role of the Delhi Chapter in being able to closely track the policy developments since Delhi happens to the political capital of the country.

Mr Nakul Chopra who will be the provisional honorary president, made a presentation providing a brief overview of the proposed Personal Data Protection Act.

Mr Naavi made a presentation on the Data Audits as envisaged in PDPA and highlighted the need for developing a system for computing Data Trust Score.

The membership of the chapter would be expanded and the Governing council would be formally set up.

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7 Responses to Delhi Chapter of FDPPI launched

  1. Kush Meenawat says:

    Wish to become a member. Wishing to pursue a career in Data Protection domain

  2. hi
    we work in the Tech Advisory space in the Mid Size & Small Enterprise segment.
    this segment is totally unaware of Data Privacy & Protection BUT is very concerned about the same.

    would like to become a member of this group
    please suggest

    Sameer Mathur

  3. Mohd Sameeruddin says:

    Hi, Pls can you explain more about this chapter and membership criteria, in order to be enrolled.
    Mohd Sameeruddin

  4. naavi says:

    I am glad to know of your interest in FDPPI. (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India)

    Full particulars about FDPPI are available in

    Essentially FDPPI is trying to create a forum of Data Protection Professionals with the twin objective of developing an empowered community of Data Protection Professionals and also to be a body that can interact with the DPA when appointed for the development of appropriate Codes and Practices that may help in compliance of PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act…now in Parliament).

    It is an organization of the professionals which include the IT professionals, IS professionals, as well as the Cyber Law professionals.

    FDPPI is a Section 8 company limited by guarantees. (Gurantee is a contingent commitment to contribute upto Rs 10,000/- in the event of winding up where the assets fall short of liabilities). This is not a common structure but one which is considered good for Not for Profit organizations. It means that there is no share capital and profits if any are not distributed to the members. The source of funding is through “Donations”. Entry to FDPPI is by first becoming a donor. Donees are entitled to apply for membership which will be approved by the Board. The activities of FDPPI are carried out by the Governing Councils which are managed by voluntary honorary members who are designated at present and would be elected by the members in the future.

    We have formed Regional Governing Councils to direct the activities of the “Chapters”. Such chapters are now available in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. Last week we started the Delhi Chapter under the leadership of Mr Nakul Chopra.

    I am enclosing a copy of the membership form (A copy of which is also available on the website under About us-Participation).

    There are essentially 2 kinds of membership. The first is a membership open for those who donate Rs 5000/- (This is more or less like a life membership fee in a society like structure). The second is an “Organizational Membership” where an organization can become a member and designate an employee as a proxy member for the participation in activities. The donation of the organizational member could be in multiples of Rs 5000/- each such unit entitling the organization for one proxy member to be designated.

    In the membership there is also a “Supporting member” concept which is available for donees of Rs 10000/-. Such supporting members are entitled to run revenue earning projects jointly with FDPPI under a revenue sharing program. This is purely voluntary and applicable on a case to case basis.

    If you need any further clarification, please let me know.

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