Action Group

“Action Groups”  are the voluntary informal groups of the members of FDPPI to manage individual projects. They work with the General Council which when fully developed will have a President and a Vice President to guide each Regional Councils.

It may be noted that All activities of the Action Groups as well as the General Council are non commercial and FDPPI itself is a Section 8 Company dedicated to the benefit of the Data Protection Professionals in India and licenced as a Charitable institution.

3. Action Group on Cyber Forensic Standards

Cyber Forensics is the art of discovering, capturing, preserving and presenting electronic documents as “Evidence” in a judicial processing. Since Data Protection includes archiving of data and production before law enforcement agencies both for self protection as well as initiating action against attackers, Cyber Forensics is a matter of interest to all information security professionals.

FDPPI is initiating a discussion on Cyber Forensic practices through a “Jnaana Vardhini” or “Knoweldge enhancement” Session on 17th September 2019 at Bangalore. As a follow up of this program, it is envisaged that an Action group would be formed with the purpose of developing an Indian Standard for Best Cyber Forensic practices applicable both for Companies as well as Law enforcement agencies.

The following persons have shown interest in participating in the Action Group activities.

    1. Nagendra (Member-Bangalore)
    2. Rajesh (Member-Bangalore)
    3. Durai Kannan( Member-Chennai)
    4. Dinesh Bareja
    5. Sandhya Kamsera
    6. Agni Dipti Sarkar

The constitution of the Group will be formalized on 17th.

2. Action Group on development of a Quarterly e-Zine

A quarterly e-Zine for spreading the knowledge about Data Protection Regulation and other related topics would be developed. Following members have opted to work in the Action group.

a) Naavi

b) Sreevidya Verma

  1. Action Group on Operational Guidelines for DPOs in India

Under the “FDPPI Council of Bengaluru” which is under formation, an Action Group has been proposed to develop guidelines for DPOs in India. The following members have opted to work in the Action group in Bengaluru and take the assistance and guidance from other members.

a) Vasanthka Srinath

b) Deepalakshmi Vadivelan