Governing Council-Bengaluru

On 30th October 2018, the Board of Directors met and nominated the following persons to constitute the Governing Council in Bengaluru.

Sl No Name Designation Membership Number
1 Sivarama Krishnan Prakash Honorary President SM-6
2 D P Ashok Honorary Member SM-14
3 Vasanthika Srinath Honorary Member SM-8
4 Sreevidya Varma Honorary Member SM-5
5 Deepalakshmi
Honorary Member FM-7
6 Ranganath M A Honorary Member SM-9
7 Vibhakar Bhushan Honorary Member FM-5
8 Nagendra Javagal Honorary Member (Director) FM-1
9 Vijayashankar Nagaraja Rao Honorary Member (Director) SM-1

The Governing Council will be planning and developing the activities of FDPPI.

A Sub committee of the Council consisting of Sreevidya Varma, Vasanthika Sriram and Vijayashankar will form the editorial committee to develop a quarterly “E-Zine”.

A Sub committee headed by Mr Ramesh Kauta will focus on membership.

Other sub committees are being set up for developing different activities of the Company.