Invite your comments on Aadhaar Judgement

Before the public comments to PDPA 2018 closes on 10th October 2018, it is proposed that we conduct a web meeting and discuss views from our community.

As a thought starter, Naavi has  placed his personal views in the form of 10 different articles available at These are to be considered as his personal views and a background material for others to start thinking on the issues.

We request others-members and provisional members to send in their views through e-mail to FDPPI before 8th October 2018.

On 9th October 2018, at 8.00 pm, we will have an online meeting of the members of FDPPI and based on the views collected in this meeting, we shall submit one report to MeiTy if possible as a recommendation regarding PDPA 2018.

There have been several industry wide discussions in the last few months on PDPA 2018 in which issues like Data localization has been highlighted. What is new now is the Aadhaar judgement and its impact on PDPA 2018.

FDPPI wishes to  collect some thoughts on this aspect exclusively and submit it to the Government.

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