We are an Inclusive Body… We donot have conflicts with other like minded organizations

As we start taking the next steps to develop FDPPI, it is necessary to make a public disclosure of our intention to build a common platform for all Data Protection Professionals in India.

We have therefore added in our objectives the following ancillary objective

”¬†Collaborate with other Individuals, Organizations, Government authorities or any
other entity with complimentary interests in any lawful activity within the
objectives of the Company”

It is proposed that FDPPI will try to be a “Federation of Data Protection Organizations ” (FDPO) so that the activities of different organizations with similar purposes are integrated.

Members of other organizations who may consider such collaboration may note that

a) FDPPI is a Section 8 company. No profits will be distributed with the members.

b) It is a Company limited by Guarantees. Hence it does not raise resources by way of Share Capital.

c) The Resource mobilization is through Donations which are similar to membership fee in other organisations like a society.

d) The activity of FDPPI is not “Commercial” though it may earn revenue in some of its activities such as conducting training programs, etc. The profits earned will be re-invested in the activities of the Company as per the objectives in the MOA.

e) Every Member Donor who is called a “Prime Member” will have one Vote as a member and can participate in the activities either by electing members to the General Council or seeking election themselves.

f) In case other organizations want to join FDPPI in the Federation concept, they can join as a composite member with one single vote representing all their members,. But they need to be a legal entity  such as a Company, Society or a Trust.

g) FDPPI advocates the concept of “Supporting Members” where the member may occasionally share his efforts, products and services in the joint name with FDPPI with agreed sharing of benefits as a compensation for the efforts brought in to a joint project. The Federation member can therefore continue to have its activities without conflict and yet benefit by associating with FDPPI.

h) FDPPI wants this collaboration to also to exist between the community in the IT sector which relates to Data Protection with other professionals in the Legal sector, Law Enforcement sector and Academic Sector involved in the field of Privacy protection, Crime Prevention, Education etc., and therefore welcomes members from these professionals as part of this organization.

If any clarifications are required on the above, FDPPI would be willing to provide.

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