PDPA Awareness Movement

FDPPI has embarked on an awareness building program in Bengaluru where members of FDPPI will be conducting a ” PDPA Sensitisation Lecture Programme” in different organizations initially in Bengaluru.

The program will be offered as a complimentary offer from FDPPI to make Bengaluru the Data Protection Regulation Capital of India.

This would be a movement to ensure that a large number of institutions in India would be aware of the Personal Data Protection Act which is likely to become a key legislation in India affecting a large section of the industry both IT and non IT.

Naavi will personally devote time for this activity along with a few other members.

In the coming days, FDPPI would conduct such programs from time to time to corporate members free of charge on on a reasonable fee for other Non Member Companies.

Interested organizations may contact FDPPI through e-mail for scheduling the program by mutual convenience.

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