FDPPI Chennai Chapter to be launched

FDPPI Chennai Chapter is set to be launched on March 16, 2019 at Chennai.

Cyber Society of India of which Naavi was a founding secretary is conducting¬† an event on “Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act”¬† and the launch is tagged with this event.

FDPPI has always proposed that it would work along with other like minded organizations and would be like a federation of such organizations provided there is commonality of purpose and this joint event after the Bangalore ISACA event is a step in this direction.

Success of this concept of “Federation” depends on the reciprocal gestures by the other organization and both in the case of ISACA, Bangalore and now CySi Chennai, FDPPI recognizes the reciprocal gesture of the other partner organization.

The principle is “We provide the content, You provide the platform” and we would like to see more such programs in the future.

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2 Responses to FDPPI Chennai Chapter to be launched

  1. s sridharan says:

    I would like to join

    • naavi says:

      Dear Friend, please see the details in http://www.fdppi.in for information on joining. You can send an online application also and pay the membership fee online.Send an email to fdppi@fdppi.in if you need any assistance. I will direct you to one of our active members in Chennai to assist you.

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