First batch of professionals undergoing DPO training complete the certification examination

In pursuance of its objectives to create “Knowledgeable, Skilled, Ethical Data Protection eco system in India”, FDPPI has undertaken in association with Naavi’s Cyber Law College , conduct of a multi level program to develop professionals of the right skill sets.

The program to develop a global level set of professionals who can discharge their responsibilities as “Data Protection Officers” in India has now been set in motion and the first batch of aspirants took the online Certification examination on 23rd February 2020.

These aspirants undertook an online course in December-January conducted by Cyber Law College for creating the first level of awareness of the law as it exists today, namely the Personal Data Protection Bill which is before the Parliament. The students were provided the necessary course material which was also supplemented by the release of the book, “Personal Data Protection Act of India (PDPA 2020)” by Naavi released on 28th January 2020.

This course is considered as Level -I and at least 4 more levels are envisaged from time to time to ensure that these professionals will be trained with whatever is considered essential in terms of legal knowledge, technical knowledge and  behavioural skills.

The legal awareness is being addressed in three modules the first of which was completed now. The second will follow a few months  after the DPA comes into existence. Other three modules are parallel modules one related to International data protection laws, other related to technology and the other related to behavioural skills.

These five modules are offered as independent credit modules that can be completed at different points of time. The current focus is however on module 1.

Interested persons/organizations who would like to associate with FDPPI as training partners for the different modules are welcome to contact the management.


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