FDPPI completes online Examination for the second batch of Certification

On May 3, 2020, FDPPI conducted the online examination for the second batch of professionals who took the examination for “Certified Data Protection Officer-Module-I”. A total of 23 persons took the examination.

Some of the participants have opted to take an improvement examination and the results would be collated after the completion of the process.

We congratulate all the participants for their effort.

FDPPI is now preparing to plan for conduct of Module-G which covers the global laws. In this module the coverage will include the knowledge of GDPR, CCPA and Singapore PDPA in particular.

At the end of Module-G, those who complete Module-I and Module G should be the minimal awareness of the major data protection laws that are relevant for an Indian DPO working in an environment where personal data is gathered from multiple countries.

CDPO (M-I+M-G) is aimed to be comparable to the existing international certifications which can beĀ  completed at a more affordable cost.



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