FDPPI launches Certification on Global Data Protection Laws

After successfully conducting a series of programs for “Certified Data Protection Professional, Module I” covering the Indian data protection regime, FDPPI is starting the module on Global laws.

The Certification program leading to ” Certified Data Protection Professional-Module G” will commence as a virtual course in the middle of July 2020.

The program will cover GDPR, CCPA, DIFC Data Protection Law, HIPAA and Singapore PDPA and will be conducted by a faculty team of 5 experienced data protection professionals with hands on experience.

Module I and Module G are two out of the five modules envisaged by FDPPI leading to “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional”

The other two modules are “Audit” and “Behavioural Skills”. Together, the 5 module journey will enable professionals in India acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to make them well geared to meet the requirements of a Data Protection Professional.

For more details interested persons may contact fdppi@fdppi.in.

Watch out for more information through this website.


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