FDPPI’s Certification program on Global Data Protection Laws to commence today

The much awaited Module G program of FDPPI which will provide training on  many relevant Data Protection Laws of the world including GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, DIFC Data Protection law and HIPAA will commence today (11th July 2020)at 4.00 pm IST.

The sessions will be for 90 minutes each on Saturdays and Sundays starting from today upto August 23.

This is a significant step FDPPI has taken in preparing the Indian Data Protection Community to be aware of the multiple Data Protection laws to which the organisations in India are exposed to.

So far, Indian professionals had to opt for expensive global certification programs ane even in such programs the learnings were  often limited to one specific law such as GDPR. FDPPI recognizes that the life of a DPO in an Indian company is different from that of the DPOs in other countries. Most Indian companies handle personal data of different companies and it would be inappropriate if they apply “GDPR knowledge” alone as if every other law is covered by GDPR compliance.

FDPPI’s course is therefore structured to provide a reasonable overview of multiple data protection laws and given an opportunity for the student to develop a discerning view on these different laws.

FDPPI has already covered the Indian law separately in one full module over 14- hours of online training leading to certification of Module-I. Now this module called Module G will cover over 18 hours of online training and cover GDPR in fair detail and then the other laws to the extent feasible.

These certifications are two modules of the “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional” program developed by FDPPI.

While individual certificates such as “Certified Data Protection Professional (Module-G)”  will be issued to those participants who register for the Course along with Certification exam from FDPPI (Total Cost rs 18000), those who have opted only for the training and not for taking the certification exam (Total Cost Rs 6000/-) will receive participation certificate from the training partner, Cyber Law College.

This Certification program as well as the PDPSI framework of implementation of data protection regulation are two significant “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” initiatives taken by FDPPI in the field of Data Protection.

The objective of these programs is to establish “National Self Reliance in Data Protection Certifications, Implementation and Audits”

Those who have missed the registration and want to catch up before today afternoon when the program starts, may peruse the Prospectus and make payment through the following link to join the program.



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