Talent Exchange Center for Data Protection Professionals


FDPPI is a pioneering organization that was the first organizational effort in India to mobilize the Data Protection Professionals into a “Community”.

The prime objective of FDPPI is to empower this community with knowledge that is relevant along with the right attitude and the general benefit to the society. The memorandum of FDPPI declares that “Knowledge”, “Efficiency” and “Ethics” are the three important aspects on which the community would be built up.

In pursuance of this objective FDPPI have already created a “Certification” program to recognize a minimal level of knowledge that our members prefer to have.

FDPPI started with the certification on Indian Data Protection Laws as it exists and as is emerging. It has now extended the Certification to the global laws to GDPR and beyond.

Soon a batch of “Certified Data Protection Law Experts” will emerge with Certifications both in Indian laws and Global laws.

These professionals will have the foundation knowledge about Indian Data Protection laws of ITA 2000-Section 43A and PDPB along with GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA 2012, HIPAA and DIFC-DPA 2020.

We believe that the Indian Companies including the early movers like the SBI and Tech Mahindra who have already announced their intention of hiring DPOs for their organizations and the hundreds of other organizations will look upto these certified professionals for their future recruitment needs. Some of them may consider dipping into the pool of talent being created by FDPPI.

FDPPI has already developed the concept of Exchange of pooled resources by creating the group of Supporting members who could exchange their professional services through the medium of FDPPI.

Talent Exchange Program

In consideration of the emerging need of the Data Protection Market in India from both the demand and supply side, FDPPI opens up a “Talent Exchange Division”  where we invite reputed organizations seeking to recruit DPOs for their organization to get in touch with Naavi if they are looking for suitable talent.

Considering the need for confidentiality and the additional Privacy obligations that this responsibility would impose, this responsibility will presently be handled only by Naavi. Information would not be shared with any body else in the organization including the other Directors.

Any of the Companies or Head hunters who would like to look for candidates and any of the individuals who would like to be considered for the talent exchange program may write to Naavi through e-mail and confidently share the information.

Any of the individuals whether they are certified under FDPPI or otherwise may also register themselves in the Talent Exchange pool if they are interested in “Data Protection Related placements”.

If there is a need for sharing of any information, the information would be only used in a highly de-identified, near anonymised form until the interested parties are brought together by specific consent.

Request for registration may be sent to Naavi for approval and only approved registrations will be processed further. Any information that is not approved would be discarded and no copy would be maintained. Renewed requests can be made after 3 months. All requests may be sent with the subject line “FDPPI Talent Exchange Program” and any other mail may be filtered out. The designated email address for the purpose is ceac.naavi9<at>gmail.com

Registration Fee

For the individuals who are certified under the FDPPI program, no registration fee would be charged for enrollment as a prospective participant of the Talent Exchange Program. But all Certified people will not be enrolled except with their Consent. For others, a suitable registration fee would be charged. This would be directly communicated to the registrant.


By default it is deemed that no member of FDPPI or Certificate holders would be considered interested in the program. Only those who opt in with a specific request would be considered interested.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising out of this service would be subject to arbitration through ODRGLOBAL.IN only.

P.S: Watch out this page for any modifications/refinements in the system

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