FDPPI Appoints a DPO

Foundation of Data protection Professionals in India is pleased to announce that it has become one of the first organizations in India to have appointed a Data Protection Officer to take care of the compliance requirements of FDPPI.

Dr Rakesh Goyal who is a well known information security professional has been appointed for the position.

Presently FDPPI does not collect personal data except in the context of membership and certification programs.

However in the coming days, with additional activities planned, the possibility of FDPPI collecting personal data if not the sensitive personal data is high. Hence acting in advance FDPPI has appointed a DPO.

The DPO will initially work on compliance on the basis of Section 43A of the Information Technology Act 2000/8 and also the compliance requirements as applicable under the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019, which is expected to be a law soon.


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