Think Data, Think FDPPI

FDPPI conducted its second AGM on 30th September 2020 through a virtual meeting.

During the meeting, Certificates were also declared issued to the professionals who had completed the CDPP Module I examination and the recently concluded Module G program

A total of 52 persons were issued certificates for Module I and 23 for Module G. 18 persons were certified for both Module I and G.

Today two more certificates which could not be issued yesterday were issued to Module I candidates making the total number of certified persons under Module I as 54.

Many of the professionals who went through the examination shared their experience in attending the training program and the examination.

It was the unanimous opinion of all that the standard of examination was worldclass.

Sri Na.Vijayashankar speaking as the Chairman of FDPPI outlined the activities of the company in the year 2019-20 and laid out his vision for the future. He highlighted that during the current year, efforts will be made on

a) Continue the training and Certification of Module I and G

b) Start the other three modules of the Certification program on Technology, Audit and Behavioural Skills

c) Strengthen the PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India) as the Data Protection Compliance framework as an affordable guide along with the development of lead auditors and a certification program

d) Work towards the commencement of the Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center

Naavi highlighted that the focus of FDPPI would be towards the slogan “Think Data, Think FDPPI”.

A compendium of pictures taken during the occasion is available here.

We thank all the participants who made the program a grand success.




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