When Will my time come?..and are we ready?

Data Breaches are happening every day exposing companies to major data disasters. When the Indian Personal Data Protection Act becomes a law in early 2021, Are we ready to meet the consequences?

FDPPI presents you an opportunity to share your thoughts on how your company is preparing for  PDPA compliance in India

Are we Ready?

Are we Ready?

Questionnaire to ascertain the readiness of an organization to meet Personal Data Protection compliance in India

Are you aware that India is already under a Data Protection regime under Section 43A of Indian Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000)?
Have you presently initiated a structured Section 43A compliance in your company?
Are you aware that Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is slated to be passed in the next Session of the Parliament and a new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) will be in place?
Are you aware that the PDPA may impose penalties upto 4% of global turnover as fine for not being in compliance with the law?
Are you aware that compliance is not an overnight work and may take time?
Are you aware that PDPA is different from GDPR and the compliance to GDPR is not sufficient to be also compliant with PDPA?
Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer at present to assist you in being compliant with PDPA?
Have you initiated steps to restructure your technical and business architecture to meet the PDPA compliance requirements?
Are you aware that FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) is the dedicated Not for Profit organization assisting the companies to move into a compliance mode?
Are you aware that FDPPI provides certification programs for professionals to be aware of Data Protection requirements of an organization and also provides a unified framework for compliance called “Personal Data Protection Standard of India”(PDPSI)?

P.S: Participation in this survey is voluntary. Provision of the contact information is also voluntary. The information submitted will be used for the purpose of understanding the requirements of the industry.

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