We Create the Path… Not wait..

Today the first batch of Data Protection Professionals in India who have been trained on Indian Data Protection Laws, Global Data Protection Laws and Data Audit skills with special training on the PDPSI framework are completing the certification examination. A few of them will be certified as “Certified Auditors for the FDPPI-PDPSI Data Protection Audit with DTS evaluation” after the entire evaluation process is over. A Few more would be certified as “Certified Consultants for the FDPPI-PDPSI Data Protection Implementation”

The Implementation Consultants and Certified Auditors would be professionals who have completed around 55 hours of class room training (Online) and 4.5 hours of online examination plus several hours of assignments. They have read through over 1000 pages of notes. This is one of the most elaborate training programs conducted in any such certification programs.

At the end of this rigorous program, FDPPI is confident that these professionals  will be able to stand out in the community as people with the necessary knowledge and skills to start guiding the Indian organizations towards Privacy and Data Protection Compliance.

We all know that skill cannot be entirely acquired through external training alone and hence these professionals will continue to improve their skills and some of the consultants after more experience may be upgraded to the level of auditors FDPPI will have a plan to implement this “Continuing Data Audit Skill Enhancement” program.

The industry already has several “Certified” professionals who have been certified from other organizations some of them recognized world over. However, in terms of the focus and intensity of training, the FDPPI Certified professionals will be a class apart though  this will need some time to be recognized by the industry.

These are the professionals who create path by walking…. not wait for others to show the path…



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