The Symbol of Compliance

FDPPI is an organization which represents the effort of the Data Protection Community to create a “Privacy and Data Protection Culture in India”.

In this endeavor to create the Data Protection Culture in India, PDPSI works on the three dimensions namely

    1. The Data Protection Regulations
    2. The Data Protection Professionals
    3. The Data Processing organizations.

FDPPI is closely following the Privacy and Data Protection regulatory regime in the country and engaging itself with the Policy makers to contribute towards framing of a  balanced  legislation which achieves the objectives of protecting the Privacy of Indian Citizens as a fundamental right under our constitution without ignoring the requirements of the Government which has the duty to protect the Citizens of the country and the requirements of Data Processing business which cannot be killed in pursuance of Privacy.

FDPPI also is taking steps to empower the professionals who need to comply with the law in the Data Protection scenario and implement the vision of “Protecting the Privacy through Personal Data Protection” and providing a “right of self determination to the Data Principals on how the personal data about them can be collected, used and disclosed.” Towards this end, FDPPI has created and executed “Certification Programs” and created an army of “Certified Data Protection Professionals”  who have attended at least 12 hours of training on the current Indian Privacy Laws including the proposed law represented by PDPB 2019, followed by an evaluation through an online examination. Many of the professionals have been further empowered with at least another 16 hours of training on Global Privacy laws and a further 12 plus hours on Data Audit skills making them one of the best trained professionals globally. They are developing like the “Navy Seals” or NSG Commandos” as we have heard in the security scenario.

Additionally, FDPPI has adopted the “Personal Data Protection Standard of India” or PDPSI  as a “Unified” framework for compliance of multiple Personal Data Protection laws by an organization. The PDPSI consists of 12 standards and 50 implementation specifications that cover the entire gamut of PIMS as envisaged by other frameworks and goes further to address the needs of the need to be simultaneously in compliance of multiple global laws incorporating many futuristic thoughts on “Data Business”.

This PDPSI framework is not only a “Certifiable Audit Framework” like the ISO 27701 but also an Assessment framework for the Data Trust Score (DTS) system which is a representation of the Personal Data Protection maturity of an organization as assessed by an auditor using the 50 implementation specifications of the PDPSI framework.

PDPSI is also a framework which is available for organizations for self implementation as an instrument of internal audit.

FDPPI is also creating a set of professionals who are conversant with Indian Privacy Laws, Global Privacy Laws and a certain minimal Data Audit skills through 3 certification exams which over over 55 hours of online training, over 1000 pages of study material and 270 minutes of online examination.

We are humble enough to admit that FDPPI can only provide an opportunity for professionals to develop their knowledge and skills and ultimately it is the capacity of individual professionals to absorb the skills and apply it in the practical scenario.

However the symbol shown along side is emerging as the symbol of Personal Data Protection and is the goal of every Data Fiduciary and Data Processor.

This is a symbol of protection for the Data Principal in the context of protection of his Privacy.

It also represents a framework for enabling Privacy Protection through Data Protection.

The accompanying symbol in future will represent an organization which has undergone an assessment of its DTS by a PDPSI accredited auditor.

This could be disclosed by organizations as required under the Indian laws.

The auditors and consultants who have undergone the rigorous training and passed through the Certification exams have been certified by FDPPI and certificates like the following have been issued to them.

These are sample certificates that only the privileged professionals who have gone through the rigorous evaluation process have been issued.

The “Certified Global Privacy & Data Protection Consultant” is  a person with a reasonable knowledge of the Privacy laws and a reasonable skill to conduct data protection audits and provide consultancy to organizations in their Privacy Compliance program.

The “Certified Global Privacy & Data Protection Auditor” is a person with an accreditation for conducting Audits and DTS assessment which will be registered with FDPPI and issue necessary “Certificate of Privacy and Data Protection Compliance” under the PDPSI framework.

FDPPI  congratulates the 21 professionals who have achieved this recognition in the first batch and hope that in future, we will have many more such professionals.


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