Attention HR Professionals… A DPO who does not know Indian laws would not be an ideal candidate.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) would be a key position to which many organizations will be recruiting senior professionals. We are already seeing some advertisements on the recruitment of DPOs with certain description of requirements.

However it is observed that many of these advertisements donot indicate that the recruiters are aware that India has a data protection law and any DPO who does not know the Indian laws would be a drag on the company irrespective of his expertise in GDPR.

FDPPI, as an organization in India which has trained the Data Protection Community on Indian data protection laws, International data protection laws and data protection audit skills etc., is in an ideal position to define the requirements of a good DPO.  Hopefully this would be helpful to the recruiters.

We will be shortly publishing through our Journal a template of a Data Protection Officer recruitment. We also run a “Mentoring Workshop” for Data Protection Professionals who would like to take a crash course in Indian Data Protection laws if required.

FDPPI recently conducted two free programs for HR Professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge of PDPB. But there are a lot more HR professionals and marketing officials of recruitment agencies like who need to appraise themselves of the needs of a DPO.

FDPPI would be glad to do an on demand training for recruitment firms on the requirements of a DPO along with the fundamentals of the emerging Indian law.

Interested organizations may contact FDPPI.


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