India takes one more step towards establishing Data Privacy Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards has released the IS 17428 part I and Part II as Data Privacy Assurance Requirements and Guidelines.

FDPPI has already released the PDPSI standards which are inclusive of the ISO 27701 which is a GDPR based Personal Information Management Standard (PIMS).

We welcome the release of IS 17428 and ensure that PDPSI would be inclusive of the best practice indications in IS 17428. However PDPSI will stand out as “Inclusive but Different” and continue to be a unified¬† “Certifyable Standard” for compliance of data protection¬† regulations.

PDPSI compliance will therefore be inclusive of the essence of IS17428 compliance while the vice-versa may not be true. However, if there is any conflict between IS17428 and PDPSI, the PDPSI will call out the conflicts.

More information about how the IS 17428 will merge with PDPSI will be provided in due course.


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