On Demand Course on PDP-CMS is now open

FDPPI started the comprehensive 36 hour online program for training DPOs in India for “Certified PDP-CMS Auditor/Consultant” on July 17th as a week end program. This program is concluding on July 25th.

In the meantime based on the requests from many interested professionals, we are making available the same course on demand through streaming videos which can be subscribed at any point of time.

This mode will be open until the next time the program is conducted either offline or online as an interactive program. No schedule has been drawn in this regard at present.

On receipt of the registration with payment, the link to the video lessons would be sent and a time of two months would be provided for completion of the study. Afterwards students may take an online examination and try for the certification.

An option would be provided not to take the examination in which case, a “Course Completion Certificate” would be provided. For those who complete the examination at the first cutoff point, the Certificate would be “Certified PDP-CMS Consultant” and those who complete the examination at the second cutoff point, the certificate would be “Certified PDP-CMS Auditor”.

Persons who pick up certificate as “Consultant” can upgrade to “Auditor” through experience of a minimum of 3 audit assignments under PDPSI.

FDPPI is now GST certified and hence the fees would include GST as indicated (18%).

For any further clarifications, contact FDPPI by email.


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