FDPPI-CLC Certified Cyber Law Professional

{ This program is presently merged with Module I}

In continuation of our earlier announcement, we give below the training and certification program on ITA 2000/ITA 2008/Digital India Act planned by FDPPI in association with Cyber Law College.

As most of you are aware, Cyber Law College (CLC) is the training partner of FDPPI for Data Protection courses. Much before the commencement of these courses, CLC has been conducting courses on Cyber Laws. It may not be incorrect to say that CLC was India’s first online Training institution starting its operations in 2000. So far Cyber Law Courses are being offered to Lawyers and Policemen.

Corporate sector has been rarely exposed to the details of what is contained in ITA 2000/2008. But every Data Processing Company whether it is a Data Fiduciary or Data Processor is exposed to ITA 2000/8 related compliance requirements.

It is right to say that ITA 2000 is the mother of DPDPB 2022 since it is one of the sections of ITA 2000 added in 2008 namely Section 43A that DPDPB 2022 is replacing. Hence a DPO is incomplete without the knowledge of ITA 2000/8. Currently the Government is even planning to replace many other aspects of ITA 2000/8 with the new Digital India Act.

Hence ITA 2000 as modified in 2008 and the proposed DIA and DPDPB 2022 will be a Chain of laws all related to data protection.

Recognizing this inter-connectivity, Naavi has offered the FDPPI-CLC cyber law course also to Corporate sector and as a Combo offer with the June 17 training program .

This program will be conducted on a hybrid mode. Initially the registrants will be exposed to the recorded sessions that covers the ITA 2000/8 in detail.

There after commencing from June 17, every Saturday afternoon at 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm, a direct interactive session would be held to provide clarifications as may be necessary.

Three such interactions will be considered sufficient for discussing ITA 2000 to supplement the recorded sessions. Afterwards, in the event the new Draft of Digital India Act is released by the public, the Saturday sessions will continue till it covers the new DIA.

Examination will be held separately for DPO program and DIA program.

Fees for DIA program is Rs 6000/- without exam and Rs 8000 with examination.. (Rs 7000/- if exam is booked together with the training).

Certificates will be issued by FDPPI and CLC together.

Registration can be done for this program on the website of Cyberlawcollege.in as well as here below.