How To Become A Member

Follow these steps to become a member:

Step 1: Chose the type of membership

You can be an individual Foundation Member of FDPPI by donating Rs 5000/- and becoming a Member Donor

You can also be a member by becoming a Supporting Member donating Rs 10,000/-

(P.S: Since FDPPI is a company limited by Guarantee, there is no equity issue. Like a society there is no :Membership fee”. Instead the Voting membership is limited to donors and the donation of Rs 6000/15000 is like membership fee. Those who opt out of the guarantee obligation will be considered as “Non Voting Members”.)

Step 2: Peruse the details of the benefits of being a  Foundation Member Donor or a Supporting Donor

Member Donor as well as the Supporting donor can opt to file an application of membership and on approval he/she will be a member with Voting rights. He can vote for some body to be a member of the Governing Council and he/she himself can opt to be in the Governing Council.

A supporting donor can chose to offer further non monetary contribution in the form of executing projects jointly in his/her name and FDPPI by agreeing to execute a project on behalf of FDPPI and sharing part of the revenue with FDPPI. Such projects need to be approved by the Governing Council and the Board.

Step 3: Submit the Application along with Payment

Request membership form by email:

Make payment online as per details in the form  (Send the transaction number of online remittance if remittance is made online by e-mail to the Company)

The membership has to be formally approved by the Board. After which a communication would be sent.

Supporting members may submit their profile and the kind of projects they would be interested which will be show cased on the website. They can additionally generate specific projects and submit them for approval if they are to be executed in the FDPPI banner.

Further information will be sent directly to the members after enrolment.

Download Membership form here