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Delhi Chapter of FDPPI launched

In a well attended meeting held at the office of Deloitte, Gurugaon, the Delhi Chapter of FDPPI was formally launched.

Mr Gautam Kapoor, partner, Deloitte speaking on the occassion highlighted the special role of the Delhi Chapter in being able to closely track the policy developments since Delhi happens to the political capital of the country.

Mr Nakul Chopra who will be the provisional honorary president, made a presentation providing a brief overview of the proposed Personal Data Protection Act.

Mr Naavi made a presentation on the Data Audits as envisaged in PDPA and highlighted the need for developing a system for computing Data Trust Score.

The membership of the chapter would be expanded and the Governing council would be formally set up.

Data Audit under PDPA

PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is an important legislation which the Government of India is set to pass in the Parliament at the earliest. With the passage of the Aadhaar Amendment Act, it has become even more critical that the Government passes the Personal Data Protection Act without much delay since this contains the commitment for protection of Privacy without which some of the provisions of the Aadhaar continue to attract criticism.

While like any other Privacy protection legislation, PDPA also speaks of permitted grounds of processing of personal information, the obligations of the processor, the rights of the data owner, the penalties etc, it must be recognized that PDPA has imposed a huge responsibility on the “Audit Community” for protecting Privacy of the Indian Citizens.

PDPA envisages an annual “PDPA Compliance Audit” as a mandatory provision besides internal audits from time to time by the Data protection officer. There will also be audits whenever a Data Breach is suspected and whenever there is a perceived conflict with the RTI.

Some of these issues will be discussed by Naavi during an event in Delhi on 16th July 2019 at the Deloitte, Gurugaon office. The occassion will also mark the launch of the Delhi Chapter of FDPPI and open to non members also on invitation. Interested persons may contact Mr Nakul Chopra of Deloitte Delhi for more information.