Events 2022

FDPPI organizes from time to time, knowledge enhancement series of interactions on different topics of interest.  Some of the sessions in Jnaana Vardhini series are conducted by invited speakers.

In a spirit of sharing the knowledge with the larger audience, some of the videos available on record are made available here. None of these Videos contain content which is unsuitable for any person less than 18 years of age or even lower. However, since the subject is beyond the comprehension of kids, the videos are not considered as suitable for kids.

Upto the end of 2021, a total of 80 such sessions had been conducted. Of these two were exclusive star sessions for the members of FDPPI.

The Videos will be available on You Tube Channel here

December 22, 2022: (JVS 44/2022)Naavi and M A Ranganath discuss the Case of Suhas Katti and Umashankar

December 14, 2022: (JVS 43/2022)CBDC, an overview from Mr Adepu Bondiah


December 7, 2022: (JVS 42/2022)M G Kodandaram discusses the New Data Protection Bill

November 30, 2022: JVS:(JVS 41/2022) Vishwavijay Singh of Allied Media explains BAARIGA identity Governance tool

November 23, 2022:(JVS 40/2022) JVS: Naavi discusses the New Data Protection Bill

November 11, 12 and 13: IDPS 2022

Video links for sessions are available here

November 2, 2022: (JVS 39/2022)Anslem Pinto speaks on Data Subjects Rights

October 12, 2022: (JVS 38/2022)S K Prakash speaks on the new Telecom Bill


October 9: JVS :(JVS 37/2022) Bhimesh Karadi speaks on PII

September 28 2022: (JVS 36/2022)Vinay Krishna Speaks on Secured E Mail on Block chain

September 21, 2022: (JVS 35/2022)Mr Adepu Bondiah speaks on Connecticut Privacy law

September 14: Suriya Prakash on Content Disarm and Re-construction technology and APT

September 7, 2022: (JVS 34/2022)Kapil Mehrotra discusses issues on Data Breach Management

August 25, 2022: (JVS 33/2022)Naavi discusses the Data Protection Law in India -post PDPB 2019

August 24, 2022: (JVS 32/2022) Vidwat Sabha 1

Inaugural session of Vidwat Sabha discussed IRCTC Data Conundrum. The panel conisted of Dr Mahendra Limaye, Sameer Mathur, Ruchika Kumar and Subbarayudu.

August 17,2022: JVS 31/2022

Kamal Acharya speaks on Tracking the GDPR Implementation since 2018.

August 10, 2022: No session

August 04, 2022:(JVS 30/2022) Discussion on Forensics -Ritesh Bhatia, Phanindra with Naavi

July 27, 2022: JVS 29/2022

Ms Babita of CSB Bank speaks on Security for Digital payments

July 10th and July 24, 2022

Naavi speaks on DTS-DPCSI (JVS 28/2022)

Naavi speaks again on DTS (JVS 27/2022)

July 20, 2022 (JVS 26/2022)

Dr Anirban Ghosh Speaks on Human Firewall

July 13, 2022 (JVS 25/2022)

Srinivas Thirumurthy, Anil Chiplunkar and Ramesh Venkataraman discuss Data Controller under GDPR,CCPA and Indian Law

July 6, 2022 (JVS 24/2022)

Subbarayudu speaks on SOC

June 29, 2022 (JVS 23/2022)

Naavi speaks on recent changes in ITA 2000

June 22 2022:(JVS 22/2022)

JVS Vaibhav Tare of Fulcrum Digital speaks on Malware issues in Security

June 16:(JVS 21/2022)

Krishnakumar Speaks on ISO 27001

June 9, 2022:(JVS 20/2022)

CA Vijay Srinivas speaks on Forensic Auditing


June 02, 2022:(JVS 19/2022)

Advocate Limaye shares his thoughts on the Twitter Privacy

May 25, 2022: (JVS 18/2022):

Reena Bengeri and Anslem Pinto discuss the Chinese Privacy Law-PIPL

May 18, 2022 (JVS17/2022) : Naavi speaks on CERT IN Guidelines of 28th April 2022

May 11: 2022: (JVS 16/2022) Suma Nagaraja speaks on Privacy and Security in Automotive industry

May 4:2022: (JVS 15/2022)Namith Kothari speaks on Communication.


April 27, 2022: (JVS 14/2022) Moot Court conducted by Meenalall/Ruchika Kumar/Trupti kumar

Chennai Seminar on DPA 2021

On April 23rd, 2021, FDPPI conducted a physical seminar in Chennai at the MMA auditorium in association with MMA, ISACA and CySi.

The videos of the session made available by MMA are linked below:

Inaugural Session

Legal Aspects of DPA 2021

Technology Aspects of DPA 2021

Career opportunities from DPA 2021

Audit perspective of DPA 2021.

April 1304: (JVS 13/2022) T C Manju Speaks on Data Collection Issues in a Corporate entity 


March 30, 2022: (JVS 12/2022): Advocate Atul Khadse speaks on Data Privacy and Corporate Governance

March 23, 2022; (JVS 11/2022) Mr Unmesh Deshpande speaks on Securing a Modern Enterprise

March 16, 2022 (JVS 10/2022): Dr Anil Sethi speaks on Understanding Dta Security Awareness of employees and need of training

March 9,2022: (JVS 9/2022) Adepu Bondaiah speaks on the new ISO 27001

March 2, 2022: (JVS 8/2022) Ramesh Venkataraman Compares GDPR and HIPAA


February 16, 2022: (JVS 7/2022) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan YSM shares his thoughts on National Security

February 9, 2022: (JVS 6/2022) Dr Rizwan Ahmed speaks on Metaverse

February 02, 2022: (JVS 5/2022) Dr Sudhakar Reddy speaks on need for Communication Skills

January 28, 2021 : (JVS 4/2022)  Data Privacy Day 2022 at FDPPI

January 19, 2022: (JVS 3/2022) CA Milan Rupchandani speaks on Data Valuation

January 12, 2022: (JVS 2/2022) Mr Chet Jain speaks on Crowd Funding

January 5, 2022 (JVS 1/2022):  Ketan Pathankar speaks on Role of AI in Cyber Security