FDPPI is launching a Free Service to enable SMEs/MSMEs to make their websites DPDPA 2023 compliant to the extent the purpose of the website is to provide corporate information to the visitors.

This service enables a representative of FDPPI to on request, evaluate the website for basic requirements of compliance and advise the organization. If the suggestions made in the gap report are implemented, a certificate may be issued.

You may send your request by completing the form below.

Web-DTS/App-DTS : Request for Appraisal

In pursuance of our objective of creating a Privacy Compliance culture in India, FDPPI has decided to start a movement for DPDPA 2023 compliance for Basic Websites.

“Website” is a generic name for any interface through Internet available for public through which a company may offer information about itself and also offer many of its services.

Many of the services themselves may be web based and hence a “Website” may also represent an “Application”.

Considering that a vast majority of websites are the first generation websites with the objective of providing corporate information to the public and nothing more, the DPDPA 2023 compliance for such websites is relatively simple. Further, just as all of us entered the Digital space with our basic websites, the DPDPA 2023 compliance can also be started with the compliance drive for these basic websites.

Many of these websites donot collect any personal information and most of the security issues are handled by the hosting company. Keeping these issues in mind, and to provide the first glimpse of what DPDPA 2023 compliance means to an organization, FDPPI has started a service Web-DTS Assurance.

Under this service, on request, a representative of one of our Supporting members would visit your website, obtain some information, discuss it with the representative of the website owner and develop a DPDPA 2023 compliance gap applicable to Website visitors. (This does not extend to services that may be extended through the website). The Gap report can be acted upon by the company and if the gaps are confirmed as bridged, after a review, a WEB-DTS-Satisfactory certificate would be issued along with a visible and verifiable mark that can be displayed on the website.

Presently the service is being made available from 27th January 2024 (International Privacy Day) on a preliminary basis by our patron member Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, free of charge. Those who are interested may submit a request through the form provided here.