FDPPI is adopting a non conventional management structure that flows through

a) The Board of Directors who will be responsible for the back end management and will be supported by a  secretariat. (The Board is assisted by a Secretariat coordinated by Mr Anand Patnam)

b) Regional Governance Council which will be responsible for planning and executing activities in specific locations

c) Central Governance Council which will be responsible for planning and executing activities across different regional centers and to take decisions which may have relevance to all Regional councils. (Yet to be constituted).

d) Action Groups which will be formed for different tasks which will be like sub committees of the Councils to undertake specific tasks.

The Councils will elect amongst themselves, a “President” and “Vice President” and if required other designated persons.  The procedure for constituting the Regional and Central Governing Council is under development. At present the members are being nominated by the Board. In future the members may be subject to election by the members at the Regional level and nominated at Central level. 

The designations in the Council are all honorary, the activities are in the interest of the community in which all of us have a stake, the revenue generated are part of the revenue of the Section 8 company without a distribution of profits to its members.

The activities of the members of the Council including the designated President or Vice President etc will not be in conflict with the employment obligations of the individuals.

If any further assurance is required by the employer organizations of the members on the objectives of this Foundation, the Board will be happy to provide the same.

If any “Patron Donor” desires to be a member of the Governance Council, he may be nominated to an appropriate Regional Council by the Board under recommendation of the Council for such period as may be desired. This will enable them to take active part in the activities.

Since it is one of the objectives of the foundation to create a “Federation” of  entities with common objectives,  Organization involved in similar activities who want to collaborate with the Foundation may also be designated to the council at the discretion of the Board, even if the organization is not a Patron donor for such periods as may be considered necessary.

The management of activities will therefore vest with the General Councils while the Corporate Management responsibilities would vest with the Board.

The Board would retain the rights to dis-enfranchise any member of the General Council in a contingent event and therefore retains its statutory control on the functioning of the corporate entity as required under law.