FDPPI has structured its operations and created multiple divisions as follows:

Division Coordinator*
1. Jnaana Vardhini Shalini Varanasi
2.Training  Division Naavi
3. Accreditation of Certifying Bodies Naavi
4.DPERT S.P.Arya
5.DDMAC Naavi
6.DPJI Naavi
7.PDPCC Ramesh Venkataraman
8.PDPSI Audit Review Committee Sudarshan Mandyam
9.PDPAB Dr K Ramasubramaniam
10. Audit Ramesh Venkataraman
  • Subject to change

Out of the above, the Training, Audit and DDMAC services will have revenue generation potential and will involve supporting members. Others are purely pro-bono.

Out of the above PDPAB Group and PDPSI Audit Review committee may have non FDPPI members as participants.

The objective of each of these divisions will be as follows.