FDPPI has structured its operations and created multiple divisions as follows:

Division Coordinator*
1. Jnaana Vardhini Shalini Varanasi
2.Training  Division Naavi
3. Accreditation of Certifying Bodies Naavi
4.DPERT S.P.Arya
5.DDMAP (Earlier called DDMAC) Presently under Naavi
6.DPJI Naavi
7.PDPCC Naavi
8.PDPSI Audit Review Committee Sudarshan Mandyam
9.PDPAB Presently under Naavi
10. Audit Naavi
  • Subject to change

Out of the above, the Training, Audit and DDMAP services will have revenue generation potential and will involve supporting members. Others are purely pro-bono.

Out of the above PDPAB Group and PDPSI Audit Review committee may have non FDPPI members as participants.

The objective of each of these divisions will be as follows.