FDPPI  is a Section 8 (Not for Profit) company. FDPPI delivers services through a battery of “Associate Service Providers” who are the supporting members of the organization. The supporting members are persons and organizations with their own expertise in Privacy, Data Protection, Information Security and related fields.

FDPPI started as a pioneer in Privacy related training and today conducts Certification program for professionals for the roles of Data Protection Officer, Data Auditor and Privacy Officer. FDPPI developed certification programs in Indian Data Protection laws, Global Data Protection Laws and on Implementation, auditing and assessment of DGPMS or Data Governance and Protection Management System. As a training organization in Privacy related areas, FDPPI is today the apex organization in India.

Now FDPPI has extended its activities and become a full service agency that delivers end to end services to the Privacy and Data Protection Eco System in India.

FDPPI has its own framework for compliance of DPDPA 2023 in the form of DGPSI (Data Governance and Protection Standard of India). This is a framework that enables a company to implement DPDPA compliance in their business system which can be audited and certified by trained assessors.

The DGPSI (Data Governance and Protection Standard of India) framework encompasses compliance with reference to Personal data processing from the perspective of DPDPA 2023, ITA 2000 and the draft BIS standard for Data Governance and Data Protection. There is no such framework available for companies elsewhere.

FDPPI provides consultancy for Implementation of DGPSI based business system in an organization which extends from Business acquisition to Business Governance, Protection and compliance related to Personal Data.

FDPPI also develops lead auditors and assessors who can effectively use DGPSI framework for compliance of DPDPA 2023, audit as well as conduct assessments.

There are no other organizations in India which is involved in Skill Development as well as Implementation audit and assessment.

Now FDPPI is also trying to establish committed relationships with certain product developers so that companies who want to implement compliance can make use of tools such as Personal Data Discovery, Personal Data Classification, Consent Management etc.

Thus FDPPI has become a Companion for organizations.

To deliver the services, FDPPI has developed two consortia of experts from their Associate Service Provider Data base namely

  1. Consortium for Implementation, Audit and Assessment services
  2. Consortium for Legal services related to Privacy including Privacy Contract drafting etc.

The requests for such services are handled through a Consortium management committee which does the initial negotiations and then identifies a proper consortium of experts to execute the projects.