(PS: FDPPI has now received GST Registration. In future all prices will stand revised to add the applicable GST)

FDPPI is an organization of the Data Protection Professionals in India. Any professional who is an individual or an organization  or an Educational Institution or even a Government Institution who has a stake in “Data” can be part of this movement.

FDPPI has been structured  as a “Limited Company” but it does not have equity shares. Liability of the members of the Company is limited by “Guarantee”.

The guarantee obligation means that in the event of liquidation of the Company and at that time, if the assets of the company fall short of the liabilities, then the members will contribute proportionately to the discharge of the liability subject to a limit prescribed in the membership. This limit is presently Rs 10000/-. Only those who confirm the “Guarantee Obligation” will be considered as “Members” for the voting rights.

The guarantee obligation is  a “Contingent liability”. In contrast, in a share capital, the member contributes or agrees to contribute in cash to the value of shares subscribed by him and is obligated to pay uncalled part of the share capital at the time of liquidation.

Share capital is towards ownership and sharing of profits and is not related to membership of any service. In contrast, Section 8 company is not entitled to distribution of shares. As a Company limited by guarantee, FDPPI has no share capital. The guarantee obligation is only a contingent liability. However, the services of the company are available on payment of the membership fee in different categories as explained below.

Basic membership eligible for free attendance of webinars and other services at reduced prices would be available at a fee of Rs 6000/- (including GST) and renewable once in three years at a renewal fee of Rs 2000/-. (including GST). This is a membership without guarantee obligation and considered as a Non Voting Membership for the services of FDPPI.

Supporting Members pay a fee of Rs 24000/-(inclusive GST) and besides the other membership benefits will be eligible to plan and execute revenue sharing projects with FDPPI on a case to case approval by the Board. This is renewable once in 3 years at a renewal fee of Rs 10000/-(inclusive of GST)

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership in which an organization (Company, Society, Trust or any other Association of Members) becomes a member is considered as an “Aggregate Membership of the members of the organization” with the Organization as a legal entity being the lead member.

The Corporate Membership is provided in the name of an organization with a permission to designate five individual members to the FDPPI activities. The minimum membership donation for Corporate category is Rs 30,000/-.(inclusive of GST).

This is renewable once in 3 years at a renewal fee of Rs 10000/-(inclusive of GST).

Additionally products and services of FDPPI such as training or audit etc may be offered with a special discount to the corporate member.

All new corporate members will be provided with one free Gap Assessment for Privacy and Data Protection status in the organization with Ujvala’s MyDTS online tool. This will be based on DPDPB 2023 as passed by the Parliament.

Patron Membership

Patron Membership is the new framework that FDPPI is setting up to bring in organizations who are committed to Privacy and support FDPPI on a continuing basis. At present Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd is the only Patron Member of FDPPI.

Educational Institution Membership

In order to encourage student membership, Educational institutions can become institutional members setting up student Chapters. Details may be obtained from Dr Mahendra Limaye, the Student Chapter Coordinator of FDPPI.

Members who execute the guarantee obligation as per the Articles of Association shall be eligible to vote.

Memberships May be Transferred

Membership may be transferred to another eligible person subject to the approval of the Board and payment of transfer registration fee of Rs 2000/-

Benefits of Membership

From time to time benefits would be provided to the Members in terms of participation in educational programs, concessions in fee for services etc. Members are also optionally rewarded for generating revenue to the organization . While Supporting members may execute projects at an agreed share of revenue  marketing activities will be rewarded as may be decided by the Board from time to time.

P.S: The category of membership earlier titled as Foundation Membership is currently not being offered to new members since there is an overall upper limit of 200 voting members that FDPPI has set for itself.

FDPPI is an organization of the members and hence the members alone have to work for expanding the operations of FDPPI. We therefore expect members to be our marketing arms. In recognition of efforts in marketing FDPPI services and new members, referring members will be provided appropriate rewards.

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