Cyber Law

Cyber Law College has been a pioneer in conducting virtual courses in India and has been conducting Course on Cyber Law since October 2000.

The course Certificate in Cyber Law, covers Information Technology Act 2000 along with relevant aspects of Indian Evidence Act and IPC .

From 1st of July Indian Evidence Act and IPC will be revised and updations will be added in due course.

ITA 2000 is relevant for Data Protection since it is the current law applicable for both Personal and Non Personal Data. After passage of DPDPA 2023, one section of ITA 2000 namely Section 43A will be deleted. However several other sections of ITA 2000 will remain active and address different aspects of personal data protection. Hence ITA 2000 is considered part of the emerging data protection law of India.

This course however was developed for those who want to practice Cyber Law and hence it goes into detailed discussion of ITA 2000 and the amendments.

Additional videos discussing the relevance of ITA 2000 in the post DPDPA 2023 scenario would also be added to the course content.


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