DGPSI Certification Bodies

The following organizations have been accredited for undertaking DGPSI based audits..

No Name Location Contact Person
1 Ujvala Consultants Private Limited Bangalore  Naavi
2 Sysman Computers Mumbai Dr Rakesh Goyal
3 S M Consulting Delhi Sameer Mathur
4 Klickstart Business Solutions &Services LLP Bangalore Ashok Kini
5 Cybersec Knights Pvt Ltd Sonipat, Haryana Aman Chikara
6 Suparnas Management Consulting Pvt Ltd Bangalore Dr Mahalakshmi Anil Kumar
7 Imperium Solutions Thane/Mumbai Tasneam
8 Cysecureus Infosec Pvt Ltd Mumbai Vikas Bansal
9 ENTPERMASYS Global  Consulting &Advisory Services Ltd Bengaluru Subbarayudu Tallapragada

All Certifying bodies are required to follow the set procedure and engage the services of an accredited lead Auditor.

For any further clarifications, please contact Ramesh Venkataraman, Coordinator for Certification or Naavi.

P.S: DGPSI (Data Governance and Protection Standard of India) is a unified framework for compliance of  Data Governance and Protection Compliance Management System (DGP-CMS) which can be used to assess the compliance of an organization to GDPR and/or DPDPA 2023,and/or other data protection laws.