FDPPI Innovation Center

FDPPI is a champion of Privacy and Data Protection. Its members are experts in different aspects of Privacy and Data Protection. Some of the members are advocates whose “Privacy Expertise” gets reflected in the Advocacy and Consulting areas. Some of the members are experts in conducting audits and they provide their services in conducting compliance audits.

We have already addressed the needs of these two segments of professionals by creating the DDMAP for advocates and DGPSI audit framework for auditors. Both can use the FDPC for marketing their services. These services are at different stages of development.

A third category of members of FDPPI are technology professionals who are interested in developing technology projects under the umbrella of “Privacy Enhancement Technologies” or PET projects.

One of the objectives of FDPPI is

To enhance the intrinsic Value and Worth of the profession of Data Protection Professionals who  are  directly  or  indirectly  engaged  in  the  activity  of generating, managing, preserving and protecting information without any profit motive

In furtherance of this objective FDPPI would like the FDPPI Innovation Center to assist in the development of Intellectual Property related to Privacy Enhancement Technologies.

The first objective of the FDPPI Innovation Center is for developers of IP in PET to show case their products or services without any sharing of IP with IP as a publishing platform. A brief description of the product along with links to the product information may be provided. This would act as an advertisement for the product.

At a higher level, if the organization wants to work along with FDPPI in the development of PET projects, necessary support of domain knowledge may be provided to the developers. Depending on the involvement required, FDPPI may provide knowledge transfer with a sharing of the IP.

Since publishing does not involve any IP dilution, it will be available on the basis of one time registration and annual renewal fee and requests can be sent to the Chairman.

Requests for projects involving IP sharing would require execution of an MOU and a formal proposal to be submitted. The MOUs would be kept confidential unless the partner decides it to be published.