Summit within a Summit

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 (BTS 2020), was successfully conducted by the Karnataka Government on November 19, 20 and 21st. The summit was inaugurated by the honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and several dignitaries from India and abroad were part of the proceedings.

The BTS 2020 had multiple tracks covering both IT and BT segments such as One Health, Innovation Corner and Knowledge Hub. The technical discussions covered Drones, Robotics , Cyber Security, Digital Learning, etc. Unfortunately despite Data Protection being an important area which affects both the IT and BT segments and India is in the verge of passing a data protection law, there were no specific coverage of data security in the program. Both the PM and the IT minister during their speeches made reference to Data Security and the forthcoming law underscoring the importance of the topic.

Recognizing this void and not let the Bengaluru Tech Summit go without a discussion on Data Protection, FDPPI stepped in with its own summit Indian Data Protection Summit 2020. holding two high powered panel discussions on each day covering different topics on the Data Protection such as the law in the pipeline, (PDPB 2019), the global laws such as GDPR, the professional opportunities emerging because of the new law , the challenges posed by the Schrems II judgement of he EUCJ, the innovative Data Trust Score system in the Indian law and FDPPI’s own innovation of the Personal Data Protection Standard of India.

Never in the history of India such an elaborate public webinar had been held on the subject available free for the participants.

IDPS was covered through Six panel discussions involving more than 25 professionals participating in panel discussions structured in the following sequence.

  1. Recent Data Breach Incidents and PDPA of India
  2. PDPA of India is not a clone of GDPR
  3. The Challenge of being a DPO
  4. The enigma of cross border data transfer
  5. Data Trust Score the Indian innovation
  6. A Unified Framework for Data Protection Implementation

It was interesting to note that the  battery of experienced Data Protection Professionals who participated in the program were all members of FDPPI.

Na.Vijayashankar, anchored the entire program and added his enlightening thoughts to the discussion.

The program was highly appreciated by the participants.

During the program, FDPPI also announced their programs which included

    1. Certification pf Data Protection Professionals
    2. Unified framework for multiple data protection law compliance-PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India)
    3. Launching of the Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center on an Online platform
    4. Launching of an annual award for “Champion Data Protection Professional” along with “Champion Data Protection Team” and “Champion Data Protection Organization”.
    5. Launching of the Data Protection Journal of India as a quarterly journal from the next quarter

The IDPS will be repeated each year and is likely to become a flagship event in the field of Data Protection in India in the coming years.


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Indian Data Protection Summit 2020: Day 3 of 3

The second day of IDPS 2020 was successfully concluded with two panel discussions namely one on Data Protection Officers and another on Cross Border Transfer of Data.

The  summit will conclude tomorrow with a discussion on Data Trust Score and PDPSI.


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Indian Data Protection Summit 2020: Day 2 of 3

IDPS 2020, the three day Indian Data Protection Summit 2020 was successfully launched yesterday the 19th November 2020.

The IDPS 2020 is being held concurrently with BTS 2020 (Bengaluru Tech Summit) as a virtual summit on Zoom platform.

The program started at 2.oo pm with Naavi introducing the event along with the objectives of FDPPI .During his brief introduction Naavi highlighted the following projects of FDPPI.

    1. Certification Programs for “Certified Data Protection Professional-Module I,”, “Certified Data Protection Professional-Module G,”,  and the forthcoming modules of Technology, Audit and Behavioural Skills.
    2. Introduction of an Implementation Framework “PDPSI” or “Personal Data Protection Standard of India” as a unified framework for implementation of multiple data protection laws in an organization.
    3. Introduction of  “Online Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center” (Online DDMAC) as a platform for resolving disputes related to the data disputes between individuals and organizations as well as one organization and the other.
    4. Institution of an Integrated award on an annual basis firstly for an individual as “Champion Data Protection Professional”  in India  along with a recognition for the “Champion Team” supporting the individual and the “Champion Organization” supporting the team.
    5. Introduction of a Quarterly journal “Data Protection Journal of India” to be a helping hand for knowledge dissemination within his organization.

Naavi’s talk was followed by two panel discussions.

The First Panel discussion  was on ” Recent Data Breach Incidents and PDPA of India” where experts Mr Sudarshan Mandyam, Ritesh Bhatia and Dr Mahendra Limaye discussed some of the recent data breach incidents in India and introduced the proposed Indian Personal Data Protection Act of India.

The Second panel discussion followed on the theme of “PDPA of India is not a Clone of GDPR” and further explored the proposed Indian Act in comparison with the GDPR.

The program was well received.

The IDPS will continue today with two more sessions first session starting at 11.00 am (90 minutes) and the second a 4.00 pm (90 minutes). These sessions will discuss “The Challenges of being a DPO” and “The Enigma of Cross Border Data Transfer).

Experts, Ms Bhimesh Karadi, Anil Chiplunkar, Satish Kumar Dwibhashi and Sameer Mathur will constitute the first panel and Rajesh Vishwanathan, Nagendra Javagal and S. P. Arya would  constitute the second panel.

We look forward to professionals attending today’s sessions in good number.

The session is free to attend and the link information is available here:


P.S: In case you are attending the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2000, donot forget to visit our stall.

Indian Data Protection Summit 2020: Day 1 of 3

Participation is free. Join on the above meeting room on Zoom platform or watch on You Tube channel.

The complete program is as follows:

The speakers conducting panel discussions are as follows:

P.S: In case you are attending the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2000, donot forget to visit our stall.




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“Next is Now” summit will open tomorrow

Karnataka Government is conducting its flagship annual IT BT conference as a Virtual Conference this year. The conference is titled Bengaluru Summit 2020 (BTS 2020) and will be  held between 19th and 21 November. The theme of the summit is “Next Now”.

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi would be inaugurating the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 set to open tomorrow.

FDPPI has taken a stall and interacting with the participants

The stall will display the activities of FDPPI and distribute material relevant to the activities.

Concurrently with the BTS 2020, FDPPI is also conducting Indian Data Protection Summit (IDPS 2020). This summit will also be virtual and will be available both on Zoom platform and on Youtube webcasting.

There will be six panel discussions covering different topics of interest.

Participation in the IDPS 2020 is free. Registrants on the FDPPI website has been sent the Zoom link. The sessions will be webcast on YouTube simultaneously.

The Link to Zoom sessions have already been distributed through the social media contacts of the members of FDPPI.

The webcast would be available in the Youtube Channel here:


The six sessions will be managed by experienced professionals and members of FDPPI.

Naavi would anchor the sessions.

The event is sponsored by Ujvala Consultants and Co-Sponsored by Redwood Learning and Sysman Computers.

CIO association of India is also supporting the event.

We wish public in large numbers attend the IDPS 2020 and make this event a success.




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Indian Data Protection Summit 2020 (IDPS2020)

FDPPI has embarked on a major project of conducting a virtual Data Protection Summit on November 19th, 20th and 21st of 2020.

The Summit will consist of six sessions, two on each of the three days, each of 90 minutes each.

Time would be 11.00 am to 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

Meeting will be on Zoom and will be free.

The Summit will discuss different topics relevant to Indian Data Protection Domain.

The tentative program is as follows:

Session 1: Recent Data Breach Incidents and PDPA of India (Nov 19th 11.00 am)

Session 2: PDPA of India is not a clone of GDPR (Nov 19th 4.00 pm)

Session 3: The Challenge of being a DPO(Nov 20th 11.00 am)

Session 4: The enigma of cross border data transfer(Nov 20th 4.00 pm)

Session 5: Data Trust Score the Indian innovation (Nov 20th 11.00 am)

Session 6: A Unified Framework for Data Protection Implementation (Nov 20th 4.00                            pm)

The sessions will be conducted as Panel discussions with experts in the industry and will be anchored by Naavi.

Watch out for more information here.

(Please register here for receiving the invitation)


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Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center of FDPPI shaping up

Disputes are the inevitable part of every business and organizations need to find a way to resolve them and move forward.

Disputes could be between the organization and its employees, organization and the customers or organization with its business associates.

Normally contracts provide for dispute resolution by stating that the dispute resolution is subject to the “Jurisdiction of Courts in ….”. Most of the times the dominant party specifies the jurisdiction of his country. This may not be convenient to the customers and hence most of the time dispute resolution through Courts is a non existent remedy in a contract.

The better option therefore is to add in the contract that disputes will be resolved by ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) process such as Mediation and Arbitration.

ADR is handled by domain experts and if agreed to by the parties can be binding.

FDPPI being a domain expert in ADR, intends to set up a “Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center” (DDMAC).

DDMAC proposes to use the ODR platform as offered as a service by which provides a turnkey service including the digital platform and back end support services along with the registrar service. Where required, it will provide the support of recording of the proceedings with Section 65B certificate from Cyber Evidence Archival Center (

In the upcoming Indian PDPA, Data Fiduciaries are required to set up a “Grievance Redressal Mechanism” and FDPPI endeavors to provide this support.

Initially FDPPI will accept “Mediation” requests. In due course, “With Recourse Arbitration” would be provided as an extended service of the DDMAC. Under this service, arbitration service will be provided without prejudice to the remedies available under the PDPA in the form of “Adjudication”.

The FDPPI’s DDMAC will be an ODR platform running over the infrastructure. The Arbitrators will be some of the supporting members who are having the necessary expertise and declare themselves to be the Arbitrators.

Cyber Law College will be conducting a training program on Indian Arbitration Act 1996 for which a schedule will be announced shortly. Those professionals who are already trained mediators or arbitrators from other organizations conducting such programs are welcome to register as supporting members of FDPPI and offer their services as Arbitrators.

Watch out for more details.


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When Will my time come?..and are we ready?

Data Breaches are happening every day exposing companies to major data disasters. When the Indian Personal Data Protection Act becomes a law in early 2021, Are we ready to meet the consequences?

FDPPI presents you an opportunity to share your thoughts on how your company is preparing for  PDPA compliance in India

Are we Ready?

Are we Ready?

Questionnaire to ascertain the readiness of an organization to meet Personal Data Protection compliance in India

Are you aware that India is already under a Data Protection regime under Section 43A of Indian Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000)?
Have you presently initiated a structured Section 43A compliance in your company?
Are you aware that Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is slated to be passed in the next Budget Session of the Parliament and a new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) will be in place?
Are you aware that the PDPA may impose penalties upto 4% of global turnover as fine for not being in compliance with the law?
Are you aware that compliance is not an overnight work and may take time?
Are you aware that PDPA is different from GDPR and the compliance to GDPR is not sufficient to be also compliant with PDPA?
Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer at present to assist you in being compliant with PDPA?
Have you initiated steps to restructure your technical and business architecture to meet the PDPA compliance requirements?
Are you aware that FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) is the dedicated Not for Profit organization assisting the companies to move into a compliance mode?
Are you aware that FDPPI provides certification programs for professionals to be aware of Data Protection requirements of an organization and also provides a unified framework for compliance called “Personal Data Protection Standard of India”(PDPSI)?

P.S: Participation in this survey is voluntary. Provision of the contact information is also voluntary. The information submitted will be used for the purpose of understanding the requirements of the industry.

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FDPPI Certification for Module G Second Batch to open shortly

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Think Data, Think FDPPI

FDPPI conducted its second AGM on 30th September 2020 through a virtual meeting.

During the meeting, Certificates were also declared issued to the professionals who had completed the CDPP Module I examination and the recently concluded Module G program

A total of 52 persons were issued certificates for Module I and 23 for Module G. 18 persons were certified for both Module I and G.

Today two more certificates which could not be issued yesterday were issued to Module I candidates making the total number of certified persons under Module I as 54.

Many of the professionals who went through the examination shared their experience in attending the training program and the examination.

It was the unanimous opinion of all that the standard of examination was worldclass.

Sri Na.Vijayashankar speaking as the Chairman of FDPPI outlined the activities of the company in the year 2019-20 and laid out his vision for the future. He highlighted that during the current year, efforts will be made on

a) Continue the training and Certification of Module I and G

b) Start the other three modules of the Certification program on Technology, Audit and Behavioural Skills

c) Strengthen the PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India) as the Data Protection Compliance framework as an affordable guide along with the development of lead auditors and a certification program

d) Work towards the commencement of the Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center

Naavi highlighted that the focus of FDPPI would be towards the slogan “Think Data, Think FDPPI”.

A compendium of pictures taken during the occasion is available here.

We thank all the participants who made the program a grand success.




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AGM of FDPPI to be held on September 30 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the members of FDPPI will be held on September 30, 2020 at 5.00 pm as a virtual meeting.

This is open only for paid members of the organization who have agreed to the Guarantee clause as per the Articles.

In view of the meeting, there will be no Jnaanavardhini program on 30th. September 2020.


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