International information Security conference at Bangalore

On June 28, 2024, Bsides Bangalore is conducting its “Security Bsides Bangalore 2024” a premier cyber security conference in India, at Marriott, Whitefield, Bangalore.

FDPPI is a community partner for the event.

Bsides has been conducting such conferences each year and one can expect the following during the conference.

Keynotes & CXO Fireside chats
CxO Roundtables
Panel Discussions
Workshops & Trainings
Research Based Talks & Tech Talks
B5CTF & Wonder women CTF(Capture The Flag)
W3-CS Connect
Job Fair
Career & Resume Clinic
Live Hacking Villages
Tools Forge (showcase Innovation)
Excellence Awards Ceremony
Opportunity to Win Prizes
Limitless networking Opportunities

Interested persons can register here and also avail the discounts from the community discount code given above.

Register for conference:
Register for trainings :

For any queries please write to

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Forthcoming events in FDPPI

FDPPI is organizing events on Compliance of DPDPA at multiple centers for different audience.

Since January, one day events were held in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Now the following events are planned.

13th April 2024: Hyderabad (CIOKLUB members only)

11th May 2024: Delhi (CIOKLUB members only)

12th May 2024: Delhi (Open paid event)

18th May 2024 : Coimbatore (CIOKLUB members only)

The one day programs will cover DPDPA law and Implementation through DGPSI framework.

Interested persons who would like to attend the May 12tth event may contact FDPPI. Any other organization which may like to conduct programs for their members may also contact FDPPI.


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MOU with iLET Solutions

An MOU was signed between the training partner of FDPPI, (Cyber Law College, division of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd)) and iLET Solutions Private Limited, an e-Learning platform to provide Learning Management solutions for the different online training programs conducted by Cyber Law College.

Mr Ashok Kini, partner Klickstart Solutions and Director FDPPI (Chapter Activity Coordination Committee) and Suresh Balepur, President Bangalore Chapter of FDPPI were present during the occasion.

iLET Solutions was founded in 2018 and offers a wide range of blended learning courses for talent development and enrichment across all age groups. 

Mr Mayank Jaiswal, the Co-Founder and Director executed the MOU which enables FDPPI and Cyber Law College to host the Certification programs on the platform under the URL “” .

ILET will also host “Jnaana Bhandar” which is the video repository of FDPPI events which is part of the continuing education of the members. FDPPI will launch the “Jnaana Bhandar” as part of its “Content Membership” program where professionals can subscribe to the different videos produced during FDPPI knowledge sessions and events which should be useful reference information.


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First set of Data Auditors in India

DPDPA 2023 has envisaged that all Significant Data Fiduciaries would be mandatorily required to appoint an independent data auditor to carry out data audit, who shall evaluate the compliance of the Significant Data Fiduciary in accordance with the provisions of this Act; [Section 1092)(b)].

It is expected that the rules to be notified would indicate the details of what is expected of the Data Auditor. It is possible that the Government may provide some time for introducing this requirement. However the law is clear that the function of the “Data Auditor” is that he should be able to carry out a “Data Audit” and “Evaluate” “Compliance” of this Act by the Significant Data Fiduciary.

FDPPI has now created the C.DPO.DA. as a comprehensive certification program for both Data Protection Officers and Data Auditors and covers the knowledge of DPDPA 2023, ITA 2000, GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, Singapore PDPA, introduction to Audit skills under ISO, BIS draft guidelines on Data Governance and DGPSI system in detail. It is considered that the course followed by the online examination would be a reasonable test of the credentials of a professional to be a Data Auditor.

FDPPI has now created a consortium which has the skills of DGPSI based data audits, along with the skills of implementation of ISO 27001/27701/Soc2 and other audits besides other governance requirements. This consortium would provide “Data Auditor” services to the Corporate members of FDPPI on request and to other companies on demand.

As and when the MeitY comes up with detailed guidelines on the Data Auditors, necessary modifications will be made for the accreditation of members to the FDPPI Consortium of Data Auditors. (FCDA).

In the meantime, FDPPI will continue to certify new professionals for the C.DPO.DA. course though not all of them would be part of the FCDA.


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FDPPI team visited Kolkata on 22nd March 2024 and conducted a one day crash course on C.DPO.DA at the invitation of CIOKLUB, Kolkata.

The program was well received and the interaction with the senior professionals from the industry was highly enriching for FDPPI.


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FDPPI events in Mumbai and Ahmedabad

It was a great privilege for FDPPI to conduct one day crash course on Implementation of DPDPA 2023 in organizations in Mumbai and Ahmedabad on 9th and 10th of March 2024.

During the day long session, we discussed with senior professionals of the industry on the implication of DPDPA 2023 on their operations and how to interpret the act and implement a compliance program.

During the interaction, FDPPI also has unveiled some of the Compliance artefacts which are part of DGPSI framework.


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FDPPI is the Privacy Companion of India

In the financial year 2024-25, Companies are gearing up for compliance of DPDPA 2023 and budgetary discussions have started in the Corporate circles.

As Companies scout for DPDPA impact assessment, DPDPA Implementation assistance as well as DPDPA 2023 Audit, Assessment and Certification, FDPPI stands out as the most appropriate companion for Privacy implementation for companies.

FDPPI in already into certification of professionals and its C.DPO.DA. course is the flagship certification program in India towering over other international and national certification programs with a comprehensive coverage of Indian Data Protection Laws, Global Data Protection laws and Implementation and Audit requirements.

FDPPI Certification programs come with a unique guarantee of one free updation over a virtual course to take care of the changes that may come through when the rules are notified.

Additionally the DGPSI as an Implementation and audit framework is a break through in India which is a Data Governance and Protection Standard of India providing guidance for DPDPA 2023 compliance, along with ITA 2000 and BIS requirements.

Now FDPPI has gone a step further with associations to create “Privacy Companion Tools” to assist the organizations to comply with different aspects of DPDPA 2023. One such product Naavi-63 meant for Consent Collection and Recording is likely to be operative soon.More such tools are expected to follow.

With these developments, FDPPI is fast acquiring the status of “Privacy Companion of India” to assist the co

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C.DPO.DA.Crash Course

Some photographs from the training workshop held on March 2 at Bengaluru.

FDPPI is the leading Data Protection Full Service Agency in India which is providing end-to-end services to the Data Protection Community in India.

One part of its activities is preparing the professionals for being DPO s and Data Auditors in India.

Since there are many professionals in India who are already experts in GDPR and ISO 27001/27701 audits, FDPPI launched its Superfast track for certification through a one day program. One such program was held yesterday at Bangalore. The participants can after additional self study can appear for the C.DPO.DA. Certification examination.

Organizations who want to conduct DPDPA compliance risk assessments should look out for trained professionals from FDPPI who can guide them towards proper approach to building compliance.

FDPPI would hold many more such programs in different parts of the country . Watch out for the announcements.

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Quick Path to be a DPO and Data Auditor

FDPPI has been conducting one day program for CIOs and experienced GDPR professionals across the country. In the month of March programs are scheduled in Bangalore (2nd march 2024), Mumbai (9th March 2024), Ahmedabad (10th March 2024), Kolkata (23rd March 2024), Hyderabad (April 2024) and Nagpur (April 2024).

Presently, registration is available only for the Bangalore event on March 2nd as per details mentioned above.

This program is designed as a preparatory program for professionals to appear for a two hour online examination for C.DPO.DA. which is the flagship training program of FDPPI.

The program is meant for experienced professionals with exposure to GDPR and Implementation of ISO 27001 or similar frameworks.

The program will focus on implementation issues and discuss the legal and practical implementation issues with reference to DGPSI framework. (DGPSI is Data Governance and Protection Standard of India which is a compliance framework designed for compliance of DPDPA 2023, ITA 2000 and Desired expectations under the BIS standard).

The participants can appear for the exam once and successful completion would result in the C.DPO.DA certification.

The recommended reading material is the book “Guardinals of Privacy..A Comprehensive handbook on DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI”. Copies of the book may be made available at a discount of 30% on prior request.

(Event is over)

Amount Payable:

Participation in the course:

Rs 6000/- + GST Rs 1080: Total Rs 7080/-


Rs 12500/- +GST Rs 2250/- Total : Rs 14750/-

Participation + Examination: Rs 21830.00

This is an one time offer with 50% discount on the published prices as a special drive.


It is recommended that those who take the examination consider buying the book “Guardians of Privacy……” to ensure that they have the material to answer the examination questions. This books covers DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI and only a reference to GDPR as a comparison to DPDPA 2023. It does not cover GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA and Singapore PDPA which are part of the examination.

There is 30% discount coupon available for those who take the examination which will be provided on request.

The 36 hour program of FDPPI for C.DPO.DA. covers all the legal aspects of GDPR and other global laws as required for the examination.

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Event in Delhi: February 17, 2024

FDPPI in association with Manipal law School and ISACA, Delhi Chapter is organizing a half day event in Delhi at India Habitat Center (Magnolia Hall) on “Implementation Challenges in DPDPA 2023”.

The event will consist of two sessions. The first session will be a panel discussion as per details below.

The Second session would be a Fireside Chat between Naavi and Mr Rakesh Maheshwari, formerly from MeitY.

Registrations have now been closed.


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