FDPPI’s Certification program on Global Data Protection Laws to commence today

The much awaited Module G program of FDPPI which will provide training on  many relevant Data Protection Laws of the world including GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, DIFC Data Protection law and HIPAA will commence today (11th July 2020)at 4.00 pm IST.

The sessions will be for 90 minutes each on Saturdays and Sundays starting from today upto August 23.

This is a significant step FDPPI has taken in preparing the Indian Data Protection Community to be aware of the multiple Data Protection laws to which the organisations in India are exposed to.

So far, Indian professionals had to opt for expensive global certification programs ane even in such programs the learnings were  often limited to one specific law such as GDPR. FDPPI recognizes that the life of a DPO in an Indian company is different from that of the DPOs in other countries. Most Indian companies handle personal data of different companies and it would be inappropriate if they apply “GDPR knowledge” alone as if every other law is covered by GDPR compliance.

FDPPI’s course is therefore structured to provide a reasonable overview of multiple data protection laws and given an opportunity for the student to develop a discerning view on these different laws.

FDPPI has already covered the Indian law separately in one full module over 14- hours of online training leading to certification of Module-I. Now this module called Module G will cover over 18 hours of online training and cover GDPR in fair detail and then the other laws to the extent feasible.

These certifications are two modules of the “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional” program developed by FDPPI.

While individual certificates such as “Certified Data Protection Professional (Module-G)”  will be issued to those participants who register for the Course along with Certification exam from FDPPI (Total Cost rs 18000), those who have opted only for the training and not for taking the certification exam (Total Cost Rs 6000/-) will receive participation certificate from the training partner, Cyber Law College.

This Certification program as well as the PDPSI framework of implementation of data protection regulation are two significant “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” initiatives taken by FDPPI in the field of Data Protection.

The objective of these programs is to establish “National Self Reliance in Data Protection Certifications, Implementation and Audits”

Those who have missed the registration and want to catch up before today afternoon when the program starts, may peruse the Prospectus and make payment through the following link to join the program.



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Towards Self Reliance (Atma Nirbhar) in Data Protection aspects

While in India, the Personal Data Protection Act of India  (PDPA 2020) is awaiting clearance of the Parliament, Being compliant with the Personal Data Protection law has become the top of the mind concern for most corporate managers.

Some ultra cautious professionals are waiting for the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 to be passed by the Parliament before doing anything towards compliance. The more optimistic professionals are however going ahead and getting ready for the law with the presumption that the law will get passed soon and even if it is delayed, PDPA being an extension of ITA 2000 is relevant as “Due Diligence” under ITA 2000 even today.

In the meantime other countries are racing against each other to introduce their own laws. DIFC, UAE, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand have all introduced their respective data protection laws.

India being the global hub for data processing, Indian companies  often deal with personal data from multiple countries which exposes them to the compliance of  multiple data protection laws. Indian data processing industry is therefore looking for ways and means of finding out the best way to implement a Personal Data Protection System in their organizations which will enable them to be compliant with multiple global laws along with the upcoming Indian law.

Some of the large organizations with high stake in GDPR have adopted ISO 27701 as a standard for implementation to be compliant with GDPR

While ISO 27701 is tailored to meet the GDPR and  could serve the compliance of GDPR it will not meet the requirement of compliance of  PDPA.

Also, ISO 27701 is meant for the rich large corporations and will require the base compliance of ISO27001, 27002 and probably some other connected standards. Together it is a massive exercise and a massive expense unsuitable for smaller companies.

It is also imperative that we need to develop indigenous standards which are a reflection of our self reliance (Atma Nirbhar) in such matters.

Recognizing this need, the team of professionals in FDPPI (Foundation of Data  Protection professionals in India) have embarked on using the Personal Data Protection Standard of India (PDPSI).

This framework will  meet the unique requirement of being compliant with PDPA 2020.

PDPSI-IN would be the instance of the framework which would be tightly mapped to PDPA 2020. This is the immediate need for self reliance of PDPA compliance in India.

At the next stage, when we move from “Local to Global”, other instances of PDPSI would be developed for compliance of other data protection laws.

With this approach,  PDPSI-EU would be mapped to GDPR, PDPSI-CCPA would be mapped to CCPA and so on. These frameworks will  basically enable the Indian organizations with stake of multiple data protection laws to ensure compliance with ease.

It is possible that if the frameworks turnout to be useful to the industry, it can become standard frameworks to be exported.

Hopefully the Indian Government will see the potential of this thought as a “Make in India and Take it Global” concept and provide it’s support.

Watch out for more information on this. Contact FDPPI for more details.


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One More week for commencement of training for CDPP-G module

FDPPI has embarked on the Certification Training for Module G and the sessions will start from 11th July 2020. 12 sessions of 90 minutes each will be conducted on week ends from July 11th to August 16th, 2020, at 4.00 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Registrations for the training is now open for non members also under the following terms.

  1. Interested persons may enroll for the training at a payment of Rs 6000/-
  2. The trainees may opt for Certification by payment of Rs 12000/- of which  Rs 6000/- would be considered as membership fee if the person intends to become a “Foundation Member” of FDPPI. Those who donot opt to become a member would be considered as “Patrons”.
  3. The total registrations for the current batch will be limited to 50 including the registration of members already completed.  Hence interested persons may register at the earliest.

Payment can be made through the following link.

The complete information about the program is available in the enclosed Prospectus.

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The Global Journey of FDPPI has now begun

FDPPI, Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India was started in September 2018 to be an organization of the Data Protection Professionals, By the Data Protection Professionals and for the Data Protection Professionals. Since India was intending to come out with a specific data protection law in India at that time, there was a felt need to create an adequate appreciation of Privacy Rights and the role of a data protection professional  the Data Protection Eco system in India.

FDPPI stepped in to fill the void and lead the Data Protection Eco-sytem in India with a clear focus on the Indian requirements. Though there were some other agencies who had a similar thinking, it was felt that there was a need to build a new entity by the professional community themselves.

Encouraged by a few like minded individuals, a core group of professionals set up FDPPI as a Section 8 Company (Not for profit) with “Limited By Guarantee” structure to align it with an acceptable structure of one member one vote as in a society structure.

Over the last two years, FDPPI has grown into an organization which has made substantial progress in educating the community on Indian Data Protection regulation as it exists today and emerging in the future. In association with Naavi’s 20 year old Cyber Law College, FDPPI rolled out its certification programs in December 2019 with the first Certification titled “Certified Data Protection Professional-Module I” (CDPP-M I)covering the Indian laws. But the goals were set higher to create an empowered community of “Certified Expert Data Protection Professionals” (CEDPP) with a a legal knowledge base covering Indian and global data protection laws, data protection technology and data audit skills along with an enhancement of behavioural skills required for Data Security Governance.

This enhanced vision of FDPPI to expand beyond the shores of India in terms of knowledge has gained a significant momentum today with the opening of its doors to membership from outside India and also launch of the next Certification module on Global data protection laws covering GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, HIPAA and Dubai DPL 2020. The certification training is set to commence from July 11th, 2020 and will lead to the title of “Certified Data Protection Professional-Module G”.

This is the second significant step for a professional to become a Certified Expert Data Protection Professional with a reasonable skill set of Legal knowledge supported by necessary technical, audit and behavioural skills to be a good Data Protection professional the community would be proud of.

FDPPI has placed emphasis on creating Ethical set of professionals empowered with the knowledge and skills and believes in Certification as a pointer to knowledge enhancement. Hence every module of FDPPI certification is associated with a mandatory training program to open the eyes of the professionals to a new area of their skill requirement.

India is yet to complete the formality of enacting the new Personal Data Protection Act, (PDPA) but by an innovative legislative framework, the currently available Information technology Act 2000 (ITA 200)) is functioning as the shadow of the proposed PDPA by the interpretation of “Due Diligence” and “Reasonable Security Practice” already enshrined in ITA 2000, of which the extension is the forthcoming PDPA.

In a way, PDPA India has become effective even before its passage as an Act and born out of the womb of ITA 2000 in the form of “Due Diligence”. This has been unique to India.

Several senior Corporate Professionals in the Privacy, Legal, Technology, Information Security and General Management domain have already been part of the FDPPI movement.

The journey has begun.. but there are many more milestones to cover in this local to global journey.

I invite all like minded professionals to join hands and expand this organization into a truly Indian originated global venture of Data Protection Professionals.




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FDPPI successfully completes its third batch of certification

FDPPI successfully concluded its third certification program on Indian Data protection laws. Any enquiries for further training and certification of this module may be sent to us to enable further planning.

FDPPI is now gearing up for the next Certification of Module G which will commence from July 11th. We expect that the knowledge of some of the international data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, DIFC DPL 2020 and HIPAA which will be covered in this module will help enhance the knowledge level of the Data Protection Professionals who will be certified by FDPPI.

FDPPI believes that every certification should be backed by an incremental knowledge accretion and hence training is made part of the certification program. At the same time by keeping the fees for training and certification afforadable, FDPPI wants to take the knowledge to a larger number of professionals many of whom may be entering the Privacy and Data Protection Professionals for the first time.

One such person commented for the earlier certification program

“Great content and the questions are of international standards. Thoroughly based on understanding and not on rote system. Spending time on the materials is the key.”

We may recall that one of the objectives of FDPPI is to bring together Legal Professionals, IT Professionals, and others who work in different capacities in the Data Protection domain on this platform so that there is a better understanding and harmony between these different types of professionals. To some extent this is getting reflected in the profile of people who are taking the Certification program.

In the same spirit the next Module on Global laws will create a reasonable knowledge of how different countries have approached the data protection regulation , their relative strengths, weaknesses, the commonalities and differences.

We hope that this knowledge along with Module I will make a powerful combination of knowledge that empowers the next generation of data protection professionals in India.


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Prospectus for the CDPP-Module G Program

The much awaited module on Global Privacy and Data Protection Laws as part of the Certified Data Protection Professional Module G, conducted by the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) is set to be launched on July 11, 2020.

Cyber Law College as the training partner of FDPPI will be conducting the first of the programs as a virtual program.

This module will cover the global privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, Dubai Data Protection Law and HIPAA.

The complete information about the program is available in the enclosed Prospectus.


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FDPPI launches Certification on Global Data Protection Laws

After successfully conducting a series of programs for “Certified Data Protection Professional, Module I” covering the Indian data protection regime, FDPPI is starting the module on Global laws.

The Certification program leading to ” Certified Data Protection Professional-Module G” will commence as a virtual course in the middle of July 2020.

The program will cover GDPR, CCPA, DIFC Data Protection Law, HIPAA and Singapore PDPA and will be conducted by a faculty team of 5 experienced data protection professionals with hands on experience.

Module I and Module G are two out of the five modules envisaged by FDPPI leading to “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional”

The other two modules are “Audit” and “Behavioural Skills”. Together, the 5 module journey will enable professionals in India acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to make them well geared to meet the requirements of a Data Protection Professional.

For more details interested persons may contact fdppi@fdppi.in.

Watch out for more information through this website.


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FDPPI to Join hands with GIA Global group, Czechia

FDPPI and GIA Global Group have entered into a mutual cooperation  for promoting activities on Privacy and Data Protection.

GIA Global is based in Chechia (Chech Republic).

We will be sharing our mutual activity calendar so that our members can benefit from this arrangement.

Immediately GIA Global under their GIA virtual series is conducting a webinar titled “International Data Transfers & Compliance” on June 18th to discuss “Legal Framework” How to build a mature compliance program?

The webinar will be on June 18th at 18.00 CEST (8.30 PM IST) and will be for 90 mts.

Interested persons may register here


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A Movement has started in India …by Data Protection Professionals

A detailed 44 minute video including the Question and Answer session is also available here

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Next Course for Certified Data Protection Professionals to commence on June 6 2020

Copy of Prospectus is available here

FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) has already conducted two Certification oriented training programs for CDPP-Module I. (Certified Data Protection Professional-Module I) through  Cyber Law College.

Additionally Cyber Law College has also conducted stand alone training programs on Personal Data Protection Act and some of the persons who took the program later opted to take the online examination for the purpose of certification.

The next batch of Certification oriented training will start on 6th June 2020. This will be a week end batch to be conducted on 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th of June. Each of these four days there will be two sessions of 90 minutes each, one in the morning between 10.00 am and 11.30 am and one in the evening between 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

The sessions will be conducted online by Naavi, the Director of Cyber Law College, which is the training partner for FDPPI.

The content of the program will cover the existing Privacy and Data protection laws in India and the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill.

The participants will be provided necessary reading material and can take the  online examination on 28th June 2020. The online examination would be for 90 minutes.

The fees for the course would be as follows

Course Fee Rs 5000/-
Examination fee Rs 5000/-
FDPPI Membership fee (lifetime) Rs 5000/-
Total Rs 15000/-

The current program is called Module-I and is part of a 5 part “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional” which will consist of the following four more modules which will be conducted some time later independently.

Module-G Global Privacy and Data protection laws covering more particularly, GDPR, CCPA and Singapore PDPA
Module-T Technology for Data Protection Professional
Module -A Audit for Data Protection Professional
Module-B Behavioural skills for Data Protection Professional

Interested persons can register by  completing the payment.
For any further information, contact Naavi.

Payment Link :



  1. The four sessions together constitute 12 hours of training. Morning and evening classes are not repetitions.
  2. If a participant wants to opt of FDPPI membership, the option is to opt out of the examination also and only attend the training for which the fee would be Rs 5000/- only.
  3. The FDPPI membership fee is presently a life time membership. In case of future certification modules, it is not payable again. In future there is a possibility that the membership fee may be revised upwards but the existing members may continue without additional payment.
  4. There are certain concessions Cyber Law College may pass on for existing FDPPI members and some associate organizations. But such concessions are only for those who opt for the entire program with examination and not training alone.
  5. Special Corporate plan for group certification will be available on request by organizations.


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