When Will my time come?..and are we ready?

Data Breaches are happening every day exposing companies to major data disasters. When the Indian Personal Data Protection Act becomes a law in early 2021, Are we ready to meet the consequences?

FDPPI presents you an opportunity to share your thoughts on how your company is preparing for  PDPA compliance in India

Are we Ready?

Are we Ready?

Questionnaire to ascertain the readiness of an organization to meet Personal Data Protection compliance in India

Are you aware that India is already under a Data Protection regime under Section 43A of Indian Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000)?
Have you presently initiated a structured Section 43A compliance in your company?
Are you aware that Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is slated to be passed in the next Budget Session of the Parliament and a new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) will be in place?
Are you aware that the PDPA may impose penalties upto 4% of global turnover as fine for not being in compliance with the law?
Are you aware that compliance is not an overnight work and may take time?
Are you aware that PDPA is different from GDPR and the compliance to GDPR is not sufficient to be also compliant with PDPA?
Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer at present to assist you in being compliant with PDPA?
Have you initiated steps to restructure your technical and business architecture to meet the PDPA compliance requirements?
Are you aware that FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) is the dedicated Not for Profit organization assisting the companies to move into a compliance mode?
Are you aware that FDPPI provides certification programs for professionals to be aware of Data Protection requirements of an organization and also provides a unified framework for compliance called “Personal Data Protection Standard of India”(PDPSI)?

P.S: Participation in this survey is voluntary. Provision of the contact information is also voluntary. The information submitted will be used for the purpose of understanding the requirements of the industry.

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FDPPI Certification for Module G Second Batch to open shortly

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Think Data, Think FDPPI

FDPPI conducted its second AGM on 30th September 2020 through a virtual meeting.

During the meeting, Certificates were also declared issued to the professionals who had completed the CDPP Module I examination and the recently concluded Module G program

A total of 52 persons were issued certificates for Module I and 23 for Module G. 18 persons were certified for both Module I and G.

Today two more certificates which could not be issued yesterday were issued to Module I candidates making the total number of certified persons under Module I as 54.

Many of the professionals who went through the examination shared their experience in attending the training program and the examination.

It was the unanimous opinion of all that the standard of examination was worldclass.

Sri Na.Vijayashankar speaking as the Chairman of FDPPI outlined the activities of the company in the year 2019-20 and laid out his vision for the future. He highlighted that during the current year, efforts will be made on

a) Continue the training and Certification of Module I and G

b) Start the other three modules of the Certification program on Technology, Audit and Behavioural Skills

c) Strengthen the PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India) as the Data Protection Compliance framework as an affordable guide along with the development of lead auditors and a certification program

d) Work towards the commencement of the Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center

Naavi highlighted that the focus of FDPPI would be towards the slogan “Think Data, Think FDPPI”.

A compendium of pictures taken during the occasion is available here.

We thank all the participants who made the program a grand success.




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AGM of FDPPI to be held on September 30 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the members of FDPPI will be held on September 30, 2020 at 5.00 pm as a virtual meeting.

This is open only for paid members of the organization who have agreed to the Guarantee clause as per the Articles.

In view of the meeting, there will be no Jnaanavardhini program on 30th. September 2020.


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Second Anniversary Webinar of FDPPI

The webinar to mark the second anniversary of FDPPI was held today on the topic of “Getting Ready for the Personal Data Protection Era”.

Sri Tejasvi Surya, honourable MP inaugurated the webinar.

Mr Vijayashankar, Chairman of FDPPI delivered the Key Note address

A Panel consisting of Mr Venkat Satish Guttula, Rediff.com, Mr Rajesh Kumar, Infosys, Mr Satish Kumar Dwibhashi, Wibmo, Mr Srikanth, TVS and Mr Vijayendra Shenoy, Consultant participated in the discussions.

The following three videos capture the dliberations.

  1. https://youtu.be/lG4Ja1EjMBA 

2. https://youtu.be/Jxehujd0oMo

3. https://youtu.be/6ImLKtMujKA


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Getting Ready ..Webinar online from 10.30 am

The Live webcast of the webinar on Getting ready for the Personal data protection will be available online here

Watch LIVE – 23-Sep-2020 | 10:30am IST


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naavi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/naavi


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Be there in the Webinar on September 23rd …Knowledge is Power

FDPPI, Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India is a Not for profit company established in 2018 dedicated to the empowerment of the Data Protection industry in India.

FDPPI has already established itself as a leading institution in India in the field of Data Protection and provides affordable, global quality certification programs for professionals who want to build a career in Data Protection.

FDPPI is also in the process of establishing a compliance framework “Personal Data Protection Standard of India” as a standard for the use of SMEs and MSMEs on par with the globally recognized standards.

These two projects are expected to not only enable SMEs and MSMEs to be compliant with the Indian and Global data protection laws such as ITA 2008 (at present), PDPA-2020 (Proposed in India), GDPR and other laws which multiple countries have established, without the usual high costs associated with such certifications and compliance programs but save precious foreign exchange for the country.

While Data Protection is a concept well understood in the IT industry, its importance is not so well appreciated in the manufacturing industry and SME sector.

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is now before the Joint Parliamentary Committee of the Parliament and is expected to be passed into a law soon. When the law comes into operation, it will extend the provisions of ITA 2000/2008 (Information Technology Act 2000 amended in 2008) and make it necessary for all organizations handling personal data to be proactively compliant or otherwise face prospects of significant fines. Though certain time would be available for compliance, prudent managements need to start their journey towards compliance early so that they are not caught napping at a later date.

“Getting Ready for the Data Protection Era” is aimed at creating a basic awareness of how the proposed law may affect SMEs including those in the Non IT sector. It is an initiative to spread the awareness of PDPA.

This is a “Free Webinar”  available for any interested person upon registration and invitation. The registration form is available here.

Understanding PDPA is not only essential to remain compliant but also to prepare ourselves for the next era of “Non Personal Data Governance Regulation” which the Government of India is working on to unlock the value of Non Personal Data.

We are pleased to inform that the honourable Member of Parliament, Sri Tejasvi Surya has consented to inaugurate the program. Several organizations such as See Change Consulting, KASSIA and BSPIN are supporting the  program for the benefit of their members.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this Program and enrich your knowledge.


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SMEs and MSMEs, Get Ready, Personal Data Protection Act is coming

While Data Processing Companies which are in the IT sector have a reasonable awareness of data protection laws, non IT companies including the Government departments, NGOs, SMEs and MSMEs have not so far given much thought to the impact of the law that may hit them any time.  Many are banking on the Government not passing the bill quickly or provide a long time for implementation even after the bill is passed.

Whether Government obliges them or not, responsible businessmen need to start their journey to understand what the Act means to them and how they need to get ready for the new regime.

To enable this segment of the business community get an idea about what Personal Data Protection means in their domain, FDPPI is organizing a webinar on “Getting Ready for the New Era of Personal Data Protection? on 23rd September 2020.

The webinar will be free and available on invitation. It will run between 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The webinar will be inaugurated by Honorable Member of Parliament Sri Tejasvi Surya and is likely to have the participation of the State Government also. (Subject to Confirmation). Sri Na.Vijayashankar (Naavi), the Chairman of FDPPI will propose the Key Note address which will be followed by a panel discussion by eminent industry specialists viz, Sri Venkat Satish Guttula, CISO, Rediff.com, Sri Rajesh Kumar, Group Manager, Privacy and Data Protection Office, Infosys,Sri S.Srikanth, CISO, TVS., Sri Satish Kumar Dwibhashi, CISO, Wibmo Inc., and Sri Vijayendra Shenoy, IS Consultant and former Vice President, IT at Mumbai International Airport Ltd.

Persons interested may kindly register themselves here.

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Star Jnaana Vardhini Webinar

FDPPI conducts weekly webinars under the series “Jnaana Vardhini”. Presently the webinars are free and open to any body.

Now FDPPI has started a new series titled “Star Jnaana Vardhini” series which will be open only to paid members of FDPPI.

Presently it is intended that such program will be conducted once every month.

The first such program will be held on 19th August 2020 at 19.00 hours. The topic would be “Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing with specific reference to Data Protection”

This will be a “Round Table” Discussion anchored by Naavi.

We hope such programs would help in the continuing education of our members.

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Jnaana Jyothi program in Action

FDPPI has indicated its intention of undertaking a large scale “Data Protection Awareness Program in India” through education programs built around the core concept of “Data Protection”.

In this connection, FDPPI looks for collaboration with other organizations which are working in related areas and particularly the academic institutions to work together with FDPPI.

KLE Group of educational institutions has in the past collaborated with Naavi in spreading the knowledge of Cyber Laws in India and the first program titled “Certificate in Cyber Law by Cyber Law College in association with ……” started in collaboration with KLE Law College, Bangalore (Now called Bengaluru).  It then spread to GK Law College in Hubli (now called Hubballi), SDM Law College, Mangalore and JSS Law College, Mangalore.

Now KLE has again become instrumental in the current generation of knowledge dissemination, this time on Personal Data Protection.

FDPPI is proud to be associated with this prominent educational institution in Karnanataka which has over 100 years of service to the society behind it and over 265 different institutions in its educational fold.

On August 13th and 14th, a Virtual Seminar was organized by GK Law College, Hubballi on “Cyber Security and Data Protection” in association with FDPPI as the knowledge partner. The program was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Hubballi and Dharwar, Sri R.Dileep, IPS  and Naavi delivered the Key Note Address.

The entire program schedule in indicated in the brochure below:

The program was well attended by not only people from Hubbali but from the rest of India and even abroad. It was also live broadcast on Youtube.

We feel that this would be a trend setter in the Jnaana Jyothi program  concept undertaken by FDPPI.


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