DPDPA Rules: Collating the Industry Voice

The much awaited DPDPA rules is expected to be announced within the next two weeks. The published rules will be draft rules for public consultation.

In anticipation, FDPPI is organizing a full day event at Bangalore on July 27 to disseminate information on the rules and to collate the feedback from industries such as Fintech, Health Care, Digital Marketing, Education, Start Ups, MSMEs, Manufacturing industries etc.

A Draft set of Rules has so far been released by MeitY. It will be available here in a few days so that industry can formulate their thoughts to discuss on July 27.

The Venue of the Conference is Suchitra Film Society Auditorium at : 36, 9th Main, B V Karanth Road, 9th Main Road, near Post Office, Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070.

The tentative program includes discussions in multiple panels as follows:

  1. Panel 1: FDPPI: Introducing the observations of FDPPI
  2. Panel 2: Health Sector: Impact of DPDPA Rules on Health Sector
  3. Panel 3:Fintech: Impact of DPDPA Rules on Fintech Sector
  4. Panel 4: Education: Impact of DPDPA Rules on Education Sector
  5. Panel 5: Other Industries: Impact of DPDPA Rules on Digital marketing and Manufacturing Sector

The program is a hybrid program with speakers joining from all over India. The feedback received from the industry will be briefly discussed and collated for subsequent submission to MeitY.

Participation is by registration and physical participation is limited. Registration can be made here:



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Welcome Mr Jitin Prasada as MOS IT

With the new cabinet of Modi 3.0 announced, it is heartening to note that Mr Ashwini Vashnav continues to be the minister for IT along with Railways and Information and Broadcasting. Digital publishing being a major part of Meity’s regulations, it is good that I&B ministry has been combined with MeitY at the level of the minister.

The MOS of IT Mr Rajev Chandrashekar unfortunately lost his election narrowly in Tiruvananthapuram against Mr Shashi Tharoor and will be missed for continuity. We wish Rajeev Chandrashekar all the best in his next stint as a party worker either in Kerala or in Bangalore which he represented in the Rajya Sabha.

In place of Mr Mr Rajeev Chandrashekar, we have now Mr Jitin Prasada as the new minister of state for IT.

A product of Doon School Dehradun and an MBA from International Management institute in New Delhi, Jitin Prasada recently served as a Minister in the UP state Government as Minister of Technical Education for 2 years.

We hope under the guidance of Mr Ashwin Vaishnaw, he would ensure that the projects of MeitY are implemented without any slackness.


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Discuss DPDPA 2023 and ITA 2000 with Naavi

BSPIN and FDPPI has jointly organized an online Fire Chat discussion today at 10.00 am on DPDPA 2023 and ITA 2000.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2d9fb328-3915-43a9-9ad3-a7fdf89e6dfc-1.jpg

Registration can be done here

On request, attendees will be issued participation certificate with 2 hours CPE credit. Attendees will also get a 20% discount on the book “Privacy Guardians…”


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IDPS 2024 to be held on November 22,23 and 24

FDPPI is pleased to announce that the flagship event of FDPPI namely IDPS 2024 has been scheduled for November 22, 23 and 24 of 2024.

The program will be virtual and live between 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm. This will cover the Indian and EU time

From 10.00 am to 1.00 pm, pre-recorded videos would be available to cover the US time.

The general theme of the seminar would be “Privacy issues in AI and Robotics, The Law, Technology and Governance”.

Details of individual sessions and speakers are being finalized.

Request all professionals to mark the dates in their calendars.

Any corporate which wants to participate in the conference as sponsor or virtual exhibitor of their products may contact FDPPI.


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Mission DPDPA: Prices for Certificate Courses made more affordable

FDPPI along with Naavi has embarked on a mission to spread DPDPA awareness amongst the public as well as professionals.

As part of this objective, FDPPI has revised its pricing strategy for the courses on Certified Data Protection Professional from the fixed Course fee payment to a time based subscription model.

The new scheme essentially enables those who are focussed on completing the course to complete the course on a fast track basis at a relatively low cost. Students can take subscriptions to different courses for a 2 month period which can be extended if required.

Further, students would be having the option to book “Mentor Sessions” where they will have a virtual real time interaction with the faculty to get clarifications after going through the video lessons.

In the past, since the access to the course modules was available for an indefinite period, there was no incentive to complete the course quicky and students tended to take upto 6 months for a course which they should normally complete within a month. The new system therefore fixes the subscription at 2 months which is extendable in blocks of further two months.

The two month subscription for different courses as a Self paced access are as follows: (GST Extra).

CourseFees for first 2 months
Fees for Renewal for
further 2 month block
Fees for Mentor Sessions of 90 minutes
1Certificated Cyber Law Professional (Based on ITA 2000/8)300015001500
2Certified Indian Data Protection Professional (Based on DPDPA 2023)400020002000
3Certified Global Data Protection Professional (Based on GDPR, CPRA HIPAA)500025002000
4Certified DGPMS Implementor (Based on Digital Governance and Protection Management System for India)600030002000
5Certified Data Protection Officer and Data Auditor (Based on compliance of DPDPA, ITA 2000 and proposed BIS standard of Data Protection)1500075002500

As a further commitment to spread the DPDPA professional knowledge and skills, every month, 5 students would be provided a discount of 30% over the above market price for first two months.

Additionally, for those who register for the courses before the rules are notified, one free virtual session of around 2 hours would be provided as a bridging session to update them on the rules.

Reading material would be provided in softcopy form for all the courses.

Examination and Certification

All participants will be provided participation certificate after they clock at least 90% of the video time for the course and a quiz.

Those who would like to opt for C.DPO.DA. certification need to pass an online examination. The examination fee for those who attend the C.DPO.DA. course as above would be Rs 10000/-

However open entry would be provided to professionals who may not undergo the training program at an examination fee of Rs 25000/-

Repeat examination fee would be Rs 6000/-

The passing of the examination would be based on a system of normalization and relative scoring. The decision of FDPPI in this regard is final and not subject to debate.


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Mission DPDPA: Let us Make it Happen

FDPPI has been working along with Naavi to empower the Data Protection Community in India with Certification programs, the Compliance Framework and other activities.

With the impending notification of DPDPA rules, it is time to accelerate the activities of FDPPI on a mission mode and hence FDPPI is joining hands with Naavi.org in this mission DPDPA as a Co-sponsor.

Details of the mission are available here

The seven major steps towards this mission are

  1. Spread the knowledge of what are the Rights and Duties of Citizens under DPDPA 2023 amongst the general public including students and faculty of Law, Engineering, Management.
  2. Spread the knowledge of what are the compliance requirements under DPDPA 2023 by organizations including the Directors, CxOs and others.
  3. Provide tools of empowerment of individuals through Certification Programs
  4. Provide tools of empowerment to organizations through a framework for compliance along with a system of third party audit, assessment and conformity assurance certificates.
  5. Provide Jurisprudential suggestions to the Government through Policy Advisories placed in the public domain.
  6. Encourage different industry sectors to develop self regulatory guidelines and work towards acceptable sectoral guidelines.
  7. Encourage tech developers to adopt “Compliance by Design” and incorporate DPDPA 2023 compliance when products and services are designed including tools to assist others to be compliant such as AI tools and Governance support software systems.

These are the minimum objectives of the mission and could expand.

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Special Mass Drive for Virtual Awareness training

As the D-Day for publication of rules for DPDPA 2023 is approaching, FDPPI has decided to run a special awareness building program on DPDPA 2023, Global Data Protection Laws and Certified DPO and Data Auditor.

The objective of this campaign is to ensure that we reach out to a large number of professionals aspiring to learn about DPDPA 2023 as a law and prepare themselves to be the next generation professionals such as DPOs in India and Data Auditors.

Over the next few months, there will be several in house physical training programs which will be customised to the requirements of different organizations which will be separately priced, This new campaign is meant for the “Virtual Online Sessions” based on recorded videos and pre-arranged real-time mentor sessions online.

Watch out for details.


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International information Security conference at Bangalore

On June 28, 2024, Bsides Bangalore is conducting its “Security Bsides Bangalore 2024” a premier cyber security conference in India, at Marriott, Whitefield, Bangalore.

FDPPI is a community partner for the event.

Bsides has been conducting such conferences each year and one can expect the following during the conference.

Keynotes & CXO Fireside chats
CxO Roundtables
Panel Discussions
Workshops & Trainings
Research Based Talks & Tech Talks
B5CTF & Wonder women CTF(Capture The Flag)
W3-CS Connect
Job Fair
Career & Resume Clinic
Live Hacking Villages
Tools Forge (showcase Innovation)
Excellence Awards Ceremony
Opportunity to Win Prizes
Limitless networking Opportunities

Interested persons can register here and also avail the discounts from the community discount code given above.

Register for conference: https://lnkd.in/dBbxkGzd
Register for trainings : https://lnkd.in/dAnrKnkg

For any queries please write to info@bsidesbangalore.in

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Forthcoming events in FDPPI

FDPPI is organizing events on Compliance of DPDPA at multiple centers for different audience.

Since January, one day events were held in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Now the following events are planned.

13th April 2024: Hyderabad (CIOKLUB members only)

11th May 2024: Delhi (CIOKLUB members only)

12th May 2024: Delhi (Open paid event)

18th May 2024 : Coimbatore (CIOKLUB members only)

The one day programs will cover DPDPA law and Implementation through DGPSI framework.

Interested persons who would like to attend the May 12tth event may contact FDPPI. Any other organization which may like to conduct programs for their members may also contact FDPPI.


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MOU with iLET Solutions

An MOU was signed between the training partner of FDPPI, (Cyber Law College, division of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd)) and iLET Solutions Private Limited, an e-Learning platform to provide Learning Management solutions for the different online training programs conducted by Cyber Law College.

Mr Ashok Kini, partner Klickstart Solutions and Director FDPPI (Chapter Activity Coordination Committee) and Suresh Balepur, President Bangalore Chapter of FDPPI were present during the occasion.

iLET Solutions was founded in 2018 and offers a wide range of blended learning courses for talent development and enrichment across all age groups. 

Mr Mayank Jaiswal, the Co-Founder and Director executed the MOU which enables FDPPI and Cyber Law College to host the Certification programs on the platform under the URL “Learnwyse.com” .

ILET will also host “Jnaana Bhandar” which is the video repository of FDPPI events which is part of the continuing education of the members. FDPPI will launch the “Jnaana Bhandar” as part of its “Content Membership” program where professionals can subscribe to the different videos produced during FDPPI knowledge sessions and events which should be useful reference information.


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