FDPPI as a Federation of Data Protection Consultants

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 is here.  It is time for organizations to start planning for compliance.

FDPPI is preparing itself to meet the demand for Consultancy regarding Data Protection Compliance in India by setting up a separate division to provide the services.

For this purpose FDPPI will be providing an affiliation to the Federation of Data Protection Consultants (FDPC) and provide a platform for rendering the services by accredited service providers.

FDPPI will continue its activities as a Privacy Advocacy platform and the consultancy would be undertaken by FDPC.  Every member of FDPC needs to be affiliated to FDPPI.

Accreditation will be based on application and review by the Board. A fee will be prescribed for accreditation. The accreditation fee will be waived upto December 31, 2022 for  supporting members and corporate members.

An appropriate accreditation form will be available for application.

FDPC will be managed as a profit center by a designated professional.

Kindly await further information.


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FDPPI as a Banyan Tree Model

FDPPI is dedicated as a Not for profit organization to render various activities related to Data Protection.

However, FDPPI is an organization which has adopted the banyan model of development where we will encourage multiple branches to grow and establish routes of their own so that the banyan tree is supported by many. Presently the stem is represented by the patron members who have dedicated themselves to the development of FDPPI. In due course other supporting members are expected to start developing themselves into supporting the tree by becoming its aerial routes that grow into the ground.

The Banyan tree is expected to be eternal and even after the trunk is lost, the tree will survive. FDPPI is one such organization which has to grow indefinitely.

In tune with this policy, FDPPI is in the process of re-launching its Consultancy operations under a special Data Protection Compliance Consultancy window. This window will be headed by a professional as a “Profit Center Manager”. Under the plan, the surplus generated by the division will be shared with the Profit Center manager as a variable revenue.




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The New Data Protection Bill of India

The Government of India has released a draft of the “Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022” (DPDPB 2022) for public comments on 18th November 2022.

The draft will be open for public comments upto 17th December 2022. The Government may present the Bill in the Parliament in the February session.

FDPPI will be submitting its detailed comments on the Bill in due course.

Some analysis of the Bill may be found in www.naavi.org which may be of interest to the professionals in the industry.


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Neuro rights information from Naavi now available on this Android App

The contents of this website are now easily accessible on Google play store for Android phones. The link is below.


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IDPS 2022 concludes

The three day summit IDPS 2022, the flagship program of FDPPI concluded yesterday. A detailed report on the summit is available here.

One of the major outcomes of the seminar is the thrust given to advocacy of Neuro Rights Legislation in India. For this purpose a division of FDPPI will work exclusively.

A report on some of the major suggestions that have come up during the seminar which are relevant to the new Data Protection Act being drafted by the Government of India will also be sent in a few days.

FDPPI thanks all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to the successful conduct of the seminar.

The videos of the seminar will be available through the platform itself (fdppi.ibentos.com) for some more time and thereafter it would be made available at the FDPPI repository.

Interested persons are requested to view the videos on the platform during the next week and submit their feedback to help us improve it in the coming years.




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Day 3@fdppi.ibentos.com

Speakers of the Day


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Day 2 Program at fdppi.ibentos.com

Speakers of the Day





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Program at IDPS 2022:November 11, 2022

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FDPPI invites you to the Biggest Data Protection Extravaganza in India

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Unique Secure E Mail for FDPPI …MOU signed

FDPPI signed an MOU today with LedgerFi IT solutions for a LedgerMail corporate Secure E Mail solution.

LedgerFi is a UAE based company with a development center in Bangalore which has developed a unique blockchain based e-mail solution which does not use the insecure SMTP protocol.

The system provides end to end encryption with a PKI based digital signature system with the private key being in the control of the user.

The solution comes with two versions. In one version (B2C version) the e-mail server works on distributed systems which consists of a public blockchain and public decentralised storage.

In the other version (B2B version) the server is maintained by the corporate entity (on premise or private cloud). The system comes with an admin level control for decryption in case of law enforcement requirements. Hence the solution meets the requirements of security envisaged under the Indian law enforcement requirements and the CERT In regulations.

The solution can be used by a company or a Government department for internal e-mails where the users are on-boarded to the system as members of a closed community.

In the event e-mails are to be sent and received to or from persons outside the closed system, an invitation to be onboarded can be sent and the outsider can be brought into the system.

The system can be configured to use the current e-mail ID of a user such as xyz@gmail.com and hence the user who is onboarded onto the system does not have to make any change of identity with his contacts. All the contacts who are in the LedgerMail system can use the ID xyz@gmail.com to send and receive the e-mails through the system from or to other persons within the system.

The system is likely to be a big boon to Banks to prevent phishing if they onboard all their customers as a part of their account opening process. Similarly the Government of India which has been trying to move people out of Gmail can also use this system with an inhouse server which is secure and free from SMTP protocol deficiencies.

FDPPI expects this system to catch on with Privacy Conscious but Cyber Law Compliant users. FDPPI is proud to be the first Indian Corporate to adopt the system.

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