Privacy Notice

(Last revised on 25th April 2024)

P.S: We adhere to the legal jurisdiction of India only.

Who we are

This website viz:, belongs to Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India, a Section 8 company registered in India with its registered office at No 37, “Ujvala”, 20th Main, BSK First Stage, Bangalore 560050.


Purpose of the website is to provide information about the activities of the company. This privacy notice is primarily addressing the collection of personal information in the process of data principals visiting the website.

Website is hosted on the services provided by Square Brothers Infotech Pvt Ltd, 10, Pallavan Salai, Tiru Vi Ka Nagar, Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600011

Automated System Information

The web server maintenance team collects certain meta data about the visitors to the website for the purpose of statistics and enhancement of browser experience. These are not identified with any specific natural person. No specific profiling is done by the owners of the website of the users. This data is therefore considered not an identifiable personal data.


The following cookies are identified on the web

1.Session cookie:

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(b) ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS: set by Payumoney

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Visitors may use their discretion to visit such parts of the website where YouTube videos are present.

The website has information regarding the membership to the organization , subscription to its services and Trainings. Website also has e-mail addresses through which the company can be contacted.

Other Purposes

This website has links to third party websites such as,, Separate privacy policies may govern these linked websites and visitors may check the policies before using the links.


Members who join the organization provide such information that are called for in the membership application form which may be collected offline or through online forms.  These are obtained on specific consent and for the purpose of providing specific services.

The interaction with the visitors when required such as for registering for any events is handled through the e-mails to be sent by the individual. The hyperlink meant to open the e-mail client of the user who opts to click the link does not collect any information about the sender before he opts to send the e-mail with whatever information he wants to share.

Those who opt “Certification” or Webinars or Training  conducted by FDPPI require to submit information required for issue of such certificates or invitations for the training sessions which may include their contact information as well as photographs for identification. When such events are held jointly with other organizations, information of participants may be shared with them in their capacity as “Joint Data Fiduciaries”.

Where payment is involved, the details of remittance is collected through the payment gateway provider.

Members who opt to join any of the messaging groups meant for maintaining contact with the members and prospective members are required to share such information as may be required to maintain the messaging platform such as their WhatsApp or Telegram identity.

FDPPI conducts webinars under the Jnaana Vardhini series or other programs in which guests speak or present their views on different subjects. The proceedings may be recorded and disseminated through the website and on YouTube in public interest. Those who register for these programs and attend the program may voluntarily disclose their identity information as part of the security requirements or during participation in conducting such remote programs.

When visitors register themselves for any event conducted by FDPPI, information as indicated in the registration form is collected. This is used for sending invitations for the event for which registration is sought and for sending information about similar programs subsequently. During the webinars or training programs the sessions may be recorded and information shared by the participants may be available for others.


FDPPI conducts several training programs and Examinations virtually as part of its activity. Such services are available both for members and others. These programs are conducted by the training partners of FDPPI and certain e-Learning enablement partners. Information required for registration and management of such virtual programs and examinations are collected by such partners. FDPPI binds such sub contractors to a reasonable security practice to protect the privacy of the registrants through appropriate contractual commitments.

During membership or while availing any other service from FDPPI, the Data Principal may provide personal information to FDPPI which may get aggregated into a profile for the purpose of delivering FDPPI services more usefully to the Data Principal.


As per the terms of DPDPA 2023, any personal information in the hands of a data fiduciary is subject to the Right of Nomination.

We would like to introduce a system of “Nomination” for this purpose on optional basis. Any such data principal may submit the information as required under the “Nomination Registration” . FDPPI will not verify the identity at the time of registration and shall verify at the time of a claim.

Details of Nomination is available separately in this link: Nomination

Publicly Available Information

This website is available to the public on the web. The website may have some personal information of persons associated with FDPPI or otherwise. Though these are “Publicly Made Available”, it is made available only for the purpose of viewing.

The information made publicly available for reading is a restricted permission and is not available for any further processing. The permission to view is deemed to have been withdrawn immediately after the purpose-“To read” is over.

In most cases these are considered as “Business Contacts” and meant for the purpose of contacting those individuals in respect of FDPPI related issues.

Grievance Redressal

Any grievance related to the operations of FDPPI shall be resolved with the use of online dispute resolution mechanism on the platform of through a process of Mediation and thereafter Arbitration as per the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Act.

The grievance redressal can be raised through an e-mail to fdppi4privacy, with the subject line DISPUTE. FDPPI is currently not considered a Significant Data fiduciary and hence grievances will be handled by the the compliance team under the Board.

FDPPI uses the services of service providers like ILET Solutions for certain services such as delivering training content and membership management. As a result visitors to the FDPPI website may be redirected to ILET Solutions website for availing such services. During such visits and use of services with ILET Solutions, their Privacy Policy becomes applicable.

The above privacy policy along with the main policy on pages titled “Legal” and “Nomination” together represent the “Privacy Notice” under DPDPA 2023. In case any visitor wants to have the Privacy Notice in other scheduled languages as per DPDPA, a request may be made to the DPO. Alternatively the user may use either the mobile app Bhashini  or visit .This service provides an Indian Government supported translation service. It may have word limitation and you may have to go para by para for the translation. 

Compliance Officer: Na.Vijayashankar, Chairman, naavi @

P.S: Services of FDPPI are not available for persons of less than 18 years of age.

P.S: The membership application forms are collected through Formidable Form service and its privacy policy is available at

P.S: The trainings videos of FDPPI are hosted on the platform of iLet solutions Pvt ltd., The privacy policy of iLet Solutions is available here: FDPPI shall not be responsible for the privacy policy of iLet Solutions which is considered as a Joint Data Fiduciaries.

P.S: Some of the videos are hosted on YouTube and the visitors are requested to check the privacy policies of YouTube separately which may include tracking and profiling. FDPPI shall not be responsible for privacy policy of Google which is considered as Joint Data Fiduciaries.

P.S: Video conferences of FDPPI for events or otherwise are hosted on Zoom or similar other platforms with their own privacy policies. Users are requested to check the privacy policies of these service providers. FDPPI shall not be responsible for the privacy policy of such service providers who are considered as Joint Data Fiduciaries.

All consents for specific purposes may be withdrawn by sending an email request to FDPPI.

The collection, processing, retention, security and management of such information is subject to the compliance requirements under Indian laws such as DPDPA 2023 and the Indian Companies Act 2013 and ITA 2000.

We Request visitors to indicate if they are not in agreement with the above Privacy Notice. We provide you an option to opt-in by clicking in the acceptance of the privacy policy below. If you chose not to accept, you may not avail the service required.

Privacy Notice


FDPPI works with several associates such as Zoom, Google etc for different services and also with Supporting members who work on specific projects. It is hereby notified that all such service providers shall ensure compliance of DPDPA 2023 on their own and FDPPI considers them as “Data Fiduciaries” jointly with FDPPI.