Indian National Registry of Data Protection Professionals

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FDPPI has created an “Indian/National Register of Data Protection Professionals” which will consist of all professionals who exhibit a designated level of knowledge related to being a Data Protection Professional in India.

While FDPPI will continue to conduct training programs to develop these skills, direct claim to the entry into these registers will be open to those who are self trained or trained organizations other than FDPPI. Persons who have completed certification courses from IAPP, DSCI, ISACA, NALSAR or NLSUI can through a self declaration.

Registration is being provided for all categories of data protection professionals including Privacy professionals, Information Security Professionals, Lawyers, Forensic Professionals, Government officials etc. Similarly information is being kept on the source of declared skills whether they are unverified self declarations or verified certifications. The categories are presently kept as back end information.

The registration on the basis of self declaration carries a fee of Rs 5000/- (plus GST). Renewable after 3 years.

FDPPI may bundle the registration with the training fee from time to time for those who attend the paid Certification programs.

If and when the Data Protection Board creates any criteria for certification of Data Auditors, a separate category of relevant professionals would be recorded using the same standards for evaluation.

Those desirous of meeting the standards of such Data Auditors may opt to take the examination of FDPPI as per conditions to be prescribed and on payment of a prescribed fee, could be added in the Registry.

All registrations are renewable once in 3 years at a renewal fee of 50% of the cost of registration now indicated . (Subject to modification)

Since this register is meant to keep track of the skills required on an ongoing basis, the entries will get de-activated if not renewed. Renewal is once in 3 years and will involve a limited online refresher quiz and computation of CPE points.

(Further clarifications can be obtained from FDPPI by sending an e-mail)

Those of you who want to include your name in the register may kindly provide the details in the form below. For the present, Naavi is the Registrar of this service and would be assisted by a team of professionals from FDPPI.

Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals

Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals

This is a register of Data Protection Professionals in India maintained by FDPPI based on the demonstrated skill sets relevant for Data Protection professionals.

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P:S: All applicants agree that information about registration may be published by FDPPI on the website.

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