Consequent to the passage of DPDPA 2023, there is a need for Data Auditors (DA) in India who can conduct audits of Significant Data Fiduciaries (SDF) for compliance of DPDP 2023. Significant Data Fiduciaries are also required to appoint Data Protection Officers (DPO).

In order to develop the skills required for discharging these functions, FDPPI has developed a certification C.DPO.DA.

This program includes three modules namely module on Indian Data Protection laws, (Module I) , Module on Global Data Protection laws (Module G) and Module on Data Audit (Module A). The Data Audit module will focus on the framework DGPSI (Data Governance and Protection Standard of India) under which FDPPI will certify organizations with a DTS (Data Trust Score) assessment.

While professionals are allowed to take up different programs in a modular fashion, C.DPO.DA. examination (Online) will be the final certification that is considered as a qualification for a person to be a DPO or DA.

FDPPI programs come with a guarantee of one bridging course after a major revision of law. For example, currently those who complete Module I before the rules are notified, would be provided a bridging session when rules are notified without any additional cost. Further the students can have continuing education through the FDPPI’s weekly knowledge sessions, namely “Jnaana Vardhini Sessions”.

Details of Programs available are given below.

PS: Currently Cyber Law College of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd which was historically (perhaps) the first Virtual educational institution in India started in 2000 is the training partner.

For ease of operation, Cyber Law College hosts these programs with a Learning Management Service (LMS) Provider namely ILET Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore which will be the E-Learning Enablement and Business Support Services partner.

Hence following links for registration will be re-directed to the ILET’s LMS platform.

Receipts for payments made would therefore be issued by ILET. Most of the enquiries will also be supported by ILET Solutions.

In case of escalation of any service issues and major clarifications, FDPPI may be contacted.

Programs now available

  1. Module -DPDPA or Module -I
  2. Module- GDPR and other international laws or Module-G
  3. Module- Implementation, Audit and Assessment or Module A
  4. Module C.DPO.DA: For Certified Data Protection Officer and Data Auditor (combining Module I, G and A)