FDPPI has developed a long term plan to provide Certification in Privacy and Data Protection related skills to professionals.

The principal objective of these certification programs is to create incremental skills in the professionals with each Certification. For this reason, every certification comes with a mandatory training program.

It is also considered that there is a need to keep the cost of Certifications reasonable. However, it is also the endeavour of FDPPI to ensure that all the members of the organziation are also certified for the skills that the organization is trying to create. Hence Certifications are restricted to members only or in other words the first certification of a person includes membership. But from time to time members are provided benefits so that their over all cost of certification remains contained.

So far the first set of members who had contributed a minimum of Rs 5000/- as membership fee have been provided a benefit of Rs 11000/- by waiving off the training fee in the first batches of each of the two certification programs that have been so far implemented.

Five Module Expert Certification

FDPPI is building up to a Certification program to create “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional” (CEDPP).

Five different modules have been identified for CEDPP as follows:

  1. Module I: Covering Indian Data Protection Law
  2. Module G: Covering global data protection laws of key jurisdictions (GDPR, CCPA, Singapore CCPA, HIPAA, Dubai DPL2020)
  3. Module T: Covering technology requirements of a Data Protection Professional
  4. Module A: Covering the Data Audit skills required by a Data Auditor either acting independently or as a DPO.
  5. Module B: Covering the behavioural skills required by a Data Protection Professional

FDPPI  launched the Module-I program in December 2019 and is now launching the Module G by July 1t, 2020. The other modules will be launched in due course.

Each Module is like an independent course and separate certificates are issued to the successful candidates who undergo the training followed by an online examination. eg: “Certified Data Protection Professional, M- I”, or “Certified Data Protection Professional, M- G”.

When a person acquires all the five certificates, he would be eligible for a master certificate of CEDPP.

All certificates will be archived and made available on verified request from companies for background verification purpose.

The trainings are being presently conducted as virtual courses by our training partner, Cyber Law College which has a history of over 20 years in conducting Cyber Law, HIPAA and GDPR courses both offline and online.

From 1st March 2021: 

Module I and G can be taken together:

For new members the total cost would be Rs 21000/- . For existing members: Rs 15000/- (covers online training and examination for two modules).

Module I, G and A can be taken together:

For new members the total cost would be Rs 30000/- . For existing members: Rs 24,000/- (covers online training and examination for three modules).


Programs now available

  1. Certified Data Protection Professional: Module I (Indian Laws)
  2. Certified Data Protection Professional: Module G (Global Laws)
  3. Certified Data Protection Professionals: Module A (Data Audit)