FDPPI envisages to be an organization of the Data Protection Professionals, By the Data Protection Professionals and for the Data Protection Professional and also for the Data Protection Industry.

By constitution, FDPPI is a Section 8 Company, limited by guarantees. It does not have a share capital.

Our vision of “Data Protection” is broad and recognizes that different professionals and organizations contribute to the Data Protection industry in different ways.

The kind of persons to whom this organization addresses its objectives is explained elsewhere on this site.

To be brief, it includes IT professionals who are designated as Data Protection Officers, Privacy Officers, Law Compliance officers etc., as well as Advocates who are in the Cyber Law and Privacy law practice, Academicians who teach or research or learning in Privacy laws, Law enforcement professionals who enforce Privacy laws, Government organizations who have a stake in Privacy, and all those organizations which are already in operations as NGOs whether they are a Trust or a Society or a Company.

One of the main sources of funds for this Foundation is the “Contributions” from the community itself which come in the form of fees for different kinds of services.

The services of the company which generate funds for the organization are indicated below.

1(a)Individual Membership (Annual. 3 years, Life)
(b)Corporate Membership  (Privileged Service Client) (Annual. 3 years, Life)
(c)Supporting Membership (Associate Service Provider) Annual. 3 years,)
(d)Academic Membership (Registration plus per student member-annual)
(e)Content  Membership Only (Jnaana Bhandar)
2(a)Module I: Training on Data Protection Law in India
(b)Module G: Training on Global Data Protection Laws such as GDPR, CPRA etc
(c)Module A: Training on Implementation, Audit and Assessment of DPDPA 2023 compliance
(d)Module GRO : Training for Grievance  Redressal Officers (Conflict Management, ADR etc)
(e)C.DPO.DA.: Certified Data Protection Officer and/or Data Auditor
(f)C.GRO.PO : Certified Greievance Redressal officer and/or Privacy Officer.
3(a)Examination-Open to all Privacy Professionals
(b)Examination-For those who undergo one of the training with FDPPI
4(a)Registration in the Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals for Members
(b)Registration in the Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals for Non-Members

FDPPI will generate additional resources by way of conducting Workshops, Seminars, Corporate Training Programs, Professional Certification Programs, Data  Audits, Compliance Audits, Harm Audits, Data Breach Audits, Data Loss Evaluation Audits,  Data Protection Software certifications, etc., as per opportunities that may arise.

FDPPI proposes to develop Code of Practice for Data Protection in Corporate environment and a system of developing “Trust Scores” to objectively evaluate the Data Protection efforts of an organization.  Revenue generation could happen through such activities also.

FDPPI also proposes to set up a Dispute Resolution Center which will focus on resolving disputes related to Data Protection online.

Since the nature of activity of FDPPI is essentially for public good, it is expected that FDPPI may be able to raise funds from the Corporate World and the Government in implementation of joint initiatives of common interest. Such contributions can come in various forms such as Event sponsorship, CSR led projects, Public Outreach programs etc.

However, being an organization of the professionals, by the professionals and for the professionals, the main income has to come from membership sources and its activities.