Your Queries

Many industry professionals have several questions on not only FDPPI as an organization but also on various aspects of the Privacy Law as applicable in India and the forthcoming Personal Data Protection Act.

FDPPI will be providing feedback on some of the queries through this column.

Queries if any can be sent to or to any of the Governing Councils of FDPPI in Bangalore, Mumbai or Chennai.

It is to be noted that the law in India is evolving and we will provide the best information as is available today in good faith.

FDPPI will not blindly follow the concepts that are promoted by GDPR or other authorities unless they are also adopted in India through the Indian DPA when it comes into existence. Until such time, we will look at contributing to the “Data Protection Jurisprudence” in India by expressing our own views.

The FDPPI team providing answers to the queries will be lead by Naavi as the Chairman of FDPPI. Other members of FDPPI and more particularly those who have the CDPP (ML-I) qualification will join Naavi  in answering the queries. There could be multiple views expressed for a single query which could be  providing differing perspectives. 

(P.S: We would not entertain anonymous queries and hence the email address of all persons who raise their queries is required which will be redacted when the answer is published. Also the answers will  be provided by identified experts and not anonymously. In certain cases, reply may be sent directly to the person querying and the question and/or the answer may not be published.)


Visitors may also refer to the following websites for information:

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  2. Latest version of the Personal Data Protection Bill
  3. Articles related to Privacy and other issues

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