Supporting and Corporate Members

Supporting Members/Associate Members

FDPPI has a unique setup where some of its members have voluntarily registered themselves as “Supporting Members”. (Currently called Associate Members/Associate Service Providers)

Supporting members carry the activities of FDPPI on their shoulders. FDPPI executes its projects through the resources of the supporting members.

The objective of offering this elevated membership is to enable these supporting members to contribute to FDPPI by way of shared projects where revenue is shared between FDPPI and the Supporting Member.

This arrangement is to enable  professionals who are members of FDPPI and who can execute joint projects to share a part of their income with FDPPI by way of “Effort Donation”.

At the same time, the association of FDPPI in the projects executed by the supporting members is expected to help them expand their business and also provide access to other members of FDPPI to assist them in execution of the project. The Supporting members can use the services of other non supporting members if required.

This should help both the members as well as the FDPPI.

The projects so executed as joint projects could be “Training Programs”, “Audit Programs” or any other consultancy programs.

We recognize that some of the supporting members have their own brand names and have a business channel outside the FDPPI associated projects. They are free to continue such projects. Where they would like to use the brand name of FDPPI either for promotion or for execution, FDPPI may be recognized as a partner. Where the execution is entirely done by the member but FDPPI name was instrumental in getting the business, a royalty of 10% of the revenue generated in the project could be paid to the FDPPI as a voluntary contribution.

Where the marketing itself is done in association with the FDPPI and the project is executed with the help of FDPPI, the project can be pre-approved by the Board in which the revenue sharing can be determined on a case to case basis. Royalty in such cases will be a minimum of 20%.

The Supporting membership scheme is  both an attempt to provide the professionals a platform on FDPPI to execute revenue generating projects and also generate revenue for FDPPI.

We however have many supporting members who have  enrolled as such as a moral support to the organization though they may not have any intention of executing joint projects with FDPPI. Some of them may undertake voluntary pro-bono service when possible.

I wish more people come forward to execute joint projects with FDPPI and send proposals to the Board.

Following is the list of Supporting  Members as at present. We have provided the Link to the profiles of these individuals where available. Some of the supporting members are not offering revenue sharing projects since they are employed. They have been indicated separately.

Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd (SM2) is now treated as a “Patron Member” in view of the continuous unlimited support being provided for the activities of FDPPI.

A : Supporting Members not offering joint projects
  1. Sivarama Krishna Prakash (SM6)
  2. Amit Kadam (SM7)
  3. Vasanthika Srinath (SM8)
  4. Jayesh Kamat (SM11)
  5. Anitha Rajesh (SM13)
  6. Nikhil Ranjan Nayak (SM15)
  7. Rohan Kottukulam (SM18)
  8. Atul Srivatsava (SM19)
  9. S.Perumal (SM20)
  10. Shujat Ali (SM21)
  11. Deepak Varde (SM22)
  12. C.Baburaj (SM24)
  13. Kamal Acharya (SM27)
  14. Vijay Pachika (SM28)
  15. Satish Kumar Dwibhashi (SM29)
  16. Deepalakshmi Vadivelan (SM30)
  17. Mansi Thapar (SM31)
  18. Priya Iype (SM32)
  19. Anoop Nayar (SM33)
  20. Vijayan Muralidharan (SM38)
  21. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh (SM 42)
  22. Sathyavageeswaran Ramaswamy (SM43)
  23. Guruprasad JMR (SM44)
  24. Ramesh Venkataraman (SM23)
  25. K.N.Narasinga Rao(SM 46)
  26. Anirban Ghosh (SM 48)
B: Supporting Members who may offer Projects jointly with FDPPI
  1. Na.Vijayashankar  (SM1)
  2.  Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd (SM2) (Patron Member)
  3. Ramesh Kauta (SM3)
  4. M.G. Kodandaram (SM4)
  5. Sreevidya Varma (SM5)
  6. Ranganath, M.A (SM9)
  7. Rakesh Goyal (SM10)
  8. Ritesh Bhatia (SM12)
  9. T Group, (Proprietor, D P Ashok) (SM14)
  10. Sameer Mathur (SMConsulting) (SM16)
  11. Klickstart Business Services and Solutions LLP (SM17)
  12. S. Mahalaxmi (SM25)
  13. Vijayendra Shenoy(SM26)
  14. Sudarshan Mandyam (SM34)
  15. Dr Rama Subramaniam (SM35)
  16. Namith Kothari (Tripleplus Solutions) (SM36)
  17. Aman Chikara (Cybersec Knights Pvt Ltd) (SM37)
  18. T C Manju (SM39)
  19. Imperium Solutions (Partner Tasneam Vasowala ) (SM40)
  20. Cysecurus Infotech Pvt Ltd  (SM 41) (Not operative)
  21. Entermasys Global Consulting & Advisory Services Pvt Ltd (SM 45)
  22. Ruchika Kumar (SM47)
  23. Mohit Kumar, itellisecure (SM49)
  24. Sandeep Arya, SKB legal (AM50)
  25. Vijaya Rajeshwari (AM 51)

Members who want to host their profile separately may kindly send their profiles to Naavi.

Those seeking project execution with the assistance of any of the supporting members mentioned above in List 2 may contact with the subject line, “FDPPI Consultancy” indicating the supporting member they are looking at for leading the project.

P.S: Any supporting member who executes projects on behalf of FDPPI shall be considered as a Joint Data Fiduciary of FDPPI and shall be responsible for compliance of DPDPA 2023.

Corporate Members

FDPPI has also been offering Corporate Membership which is a non voting membership in the name of a Company.  While the primary focus of the relationship between Supporting members and FDPPI is where the supporting member will provide services on behalf of FDPPI and share the revenue with FDPPI, Corporate members are essentially those to whom FDPPI will provide privileged services at a discounted price. All Certifying bodies who provide audit services under DPCSI framework are supporting members.

Corporate Members are eligible for privileged pricing on its corporate services.

Presently following are registered as Corporate members

  1. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited , Delhi
  2. Birla Management Center Services Limited (BMCSL-SEAMEX-HRSSC)
  3. QRC Assurance and Services Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai
  4. Whitehats Cybertech Pvt Ltd, Noida