FDPPI organizes from time to time, knowledge enhancement series of interactions on different topics of interest.  Some of the sessions in Jnaana Vardhini series are conducted by invited speakers.

In a spirit of sharing the knowledge with the larger audience, some of the videos available on record are made available here. None of these Videos contain content which is unsuitable for any person less than 18 years of age or even lower. However, since the subject is beyond the comprehension of kids, the videos are not considered as suitable for kids.

Upto the end of 2020, a total of 54 such sessions had been conducted. Of these two were exclusive star sessions for the members of FDPPI.

The Videos will be available on You Tube Channel here

September 19th : (JVS 26/2021) Naavi speaks on PDPSI

September 18th, 2021 (JVS 25/2021): Reena Bengeri on UK Adequacy decision

September 4, 2021 (JVS 24/2021) Ruchika Kumar

August 28, 2021: (JVS 23/2021) Sudarshan Mandyam on DPIA

August 21, 2021: JVS 22/2021: Data Breaches by Dr S.P Arya

(Copy of the presentation)

August 19, 2021: (JVS 21/2021) Naavi speaks on Data Valuation

August 4, 2021: JVS 20/2021: Data Handling and Architectural Challenges in the era of IOT-Parno Ghosh

July 28: JVS 19/2021: Data Discovery and Classification… By Ms Reena Bengeri

July 14: JVS 18/2021: Tripti Kumar discusses the Privacy Concepts in Employment scenario.

July 7: JVS 17/2021: Manjula Subramaniam discusses the concept of Anonymization in the context of Privacy

June 30: JVS (16/2021) : Ramesh Kauta, discusses the Role of DPO in an organization

June 23: (JVS:15/2021) : Discussion on Deceased Data Principal’s Rights

June 16: (JVS: 14/2021): Namit Kothari speaks on Block Chain in Health Care

June 9: Intermediary and Injunction 

Meena Lall


June 2: DPO the new Destination for CISOs 

June 2 : Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (11/2021)

May 26: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (10/2021)

Reena Bengeri speaks on Sustaining Privacy Culture in an organization


May 17: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (9/2021)

May 12: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (8/2021)

Mr Rajeev Panicker of DNV explains the collaboration with FDPPI

May 5: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (7/2021)

Mr Govind Srinivasan speaks of ISO 27001 and GDPR

April 28: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (6/2021)

Naavi speaks on Personal Data Protection issues in the case of Deceased Data Principals

April 21: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (5/2021)

March 31 Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (4/2021)


March 27 Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (3/2021)


March 24, 2021: Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (2/2021)

Shalini Varanasi and Shambhavi Shyam discuss the concept of Harm Audit and DPIA in PDPB 2019

Jnaana Vardhini Webinar Series (1/2021) (2020=52+2*)

March 7, 2021

March 3, 2021

The Government of India notified a new Intermediary and Digital Media guideline on 25th February 2021.

Naavi discussed the implications.

February 20, 2021

PDPB for CIOs by Naavi