The Course objective is to provide the necessary knowledge about Global Data Protection laws including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, Singapore CCPA etc. This is considered essential for Data Protection Professionals in India who are typically handling personal data processing not only from India but from many countries in other data protection regions.

Module I  covers in depth the Indian data protection regime and this Module G  covers the following five major global laws.

c) Singapore PDPA 2012
d) DIFC Data Protection Law

Course Content:

1 Concept of Privacy and Evolution of data Protection Laws from HIPAA-GDPR-PDPA (India)…
2 GDPR- Applicability, Data Protection Principles and Data Subject Rights, Exemptions and Derogations…
3 GDPR-Cross Border Transfer of Data, SCC, BCR
4 GDPR-Compliance Obligations, DPIA, Privacy By Design, DPO, Remedies, Liabilities and Sanctions.
5 CCPA- Applicability, Principles and Data Subject’s Rights, Legitimate Interests.
6 CCPA-Compliance Obligations, Notice, Consent, Legitimate Interest etc.
7 DIFC-Overview.
8 Singapore PDPA-Applicability, Principles, Data Subject’s Rights, Exemptions
9 Singapore PDPA-Compliance Obligations.
10 Challenges in Compliance of Multiple Data Protection Laws.
11 Discussions
12 Discussions

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Mentor sessions on request would be available at a fee of Rs 2000/- per session

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