Application of Membership

The Board of Directors
Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India
37, Ujvala, 20th Main,
BSK First Stage
Bangalore 560050

Having perused the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India as a Section 8 company limited by guarantee, and having understood the different classes of voting and non voting membership and agreeing to the discretion of the Board to accept or reject my application for membership,

I submit my application for membership as per details provided below.

(P.S: For clarifications if any, please contact the management)

Member Application
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After submitting the above form kindly complete the payment through the following payment link:

P.S:  Until further notice, new members shall be admitted in the category of “Basic Members” and “Supporting Members” only. Supporting members shall be deemed to have agreed to the “Guarantee” obligation unless they opt out in which case they will be classified as “Non Voting-Supporting Members”.