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Course on PDPA in association with Cyber Law College

Cyber Law College, which has been conducting Cyber Law related courses since 2000 as well as courses on HIPAA and GDPR, has now started a Web Class based course on Personal Data Protection Act.

This course for “Certificate in PDPA” will consist of 12 live sessions to be conducted by Na.Vijayashankar (Director Cyber Law College) and Chairman FDPPI and cover the following topics.

  1. Evolution of Privacy Law in India. (ITA 2000-ITA 2008-Puttaswamy Judgement.Etc.) and
  2. Understanding the Concept of Privacy and its relation with Data Protection
  3. Applicability, Exemptions, Transitional Provisions
  4. Data Principal’s Rights and Data Protection Obligations
  5. Grounds of Processing
  6. Transfer of Personal data outside India
  7. DPA and DPO
  8. Compliance Obligations
  9. Penalties and Offences and Grievance Redressal mechanism
  10. Data Protection Challenges under New Technologies
  11. Data Governance Framework
  12. Interactive discussion and Review

Each session would be approximately for 90 minutes. It is envisaged that the course will commence in the second half of November 2019 and there would be two classes each week for 6 weeks. Exact schedule of the classes will be announced later.

As an introductory offer, the fees for the course is set at Rs 6000/- only.

A Copy of the prospectus is available here

Existing members of FDPPI can sponsor/refer any participant and such participants would be provided a cashback of Rs 1000/-.

At the end of the course there would be an online test following which the certificates would be issued by FDPPI.

Interested persons may enroll at the earliest by visiting  here


Watch the video on the introduction to the program here:

Discussion on Data Governance

Data Governance is getting increased attention now since after the PDPA becoming a law there would be need for further legislation on processing of “Community Data” and “Aggregated Anonymized Data”. This may perhaps be addressed through a new legislation on “Data Governance”. The Government has set up an Expert Committee for this purpose.

More information on these developments are found here:

    1. Formation of the Expert Committee
    2. Views of Kris Gopalakrishna…1.. What do they indicate for the Privacy Regulation in India
    3. Views of Kris Gopalakrishna…2.. Leveraging Data for the benefit of individuals
    4. Views of Gopalakrishna …3…on Privacy
    5. Data Productivity vs Data Security
    6. What is Community Privacy? and who has the right of disposal?

There is every indication that “Data Governance Act of India” will sooner or later come into operation. It is good for the Data Protection Professionals to be watchful of these developments.

Data Protection will continue to be an important segment of Data Governance. But it is possible that a new outlook will come to bear on “Data Security” with a lot more liberal outlook than what the data protection professionals would be accustomed to today. The interpretations may move from the GDPR side to the CCPA side, unless the law is clear.

FDPPI will closely watch the developments on Data Governance and as a part of its activities will keep “Data Governance”  on our radar along with “Data Protection”.

In order to initiate the discussions, FDPPI is conducting a webinar on Data Governance on 12th October 2019 at 5.30 pm. Interested persons may contact for an invitation.