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Certificate Course in PDPA to commence from December 7

Certificate in Personal Data Protection Act (CPDPA) by Cyber Law College

In Association with

Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI)


This course is meant to introduce the present and upcoming data protection law in India. The course is structured as a 12 session web based course and tentatively covers the following topics.

  1. Evolution of Privacy Law in India. (ITA 2000-ITA 2008-Puttaswamy Judgement.etc.)
  2. Understanding the Concept of Privacy and its relation with Data Protection
  3. Applicability, Exemptions, Transitional Provisions
  4. Data Principal’s Rights and Data Protection Obligations
  5. Grounds of Processing
  6. Transfer of Personal data outside India.
  7. DPA and DPO
  8. Compliance Obligations
  9. Penalties and Offences and Grievance Redressal mechanism
  10. Data Protection Challenges under New Technologies
  11. Data Governance Framework
  12. Interactive discussion

During the course of the discussion provisions of Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000), as well as international data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA will also be discussed through the focus would be on the Personal Data Protection Act 2018 (Draft law proposed by the Justice Srikrishna Committee).

The Course recognizes that the law is now developing and proposes to provide a free follow up session whenever the final version of the law is passed.

The course will be conducted through online sessions conducted through one of the platforms such as Zoom and connectivity links will be sent to the registered students before the session/s through the registered e-mail.

The First Batch is scheduled to commence from December 7, 2019 with the first session from 11.00 am.

All registered students have been informed over the registered e-mail address about the commencement.

Any person who needs further information may contact Naavi.

Details of Cyber Law College are  available here

Details of FDPPI  are available here


Personal Data Protection Bill to be presented in Parliament

It has been announced that the Personal Data Protection Bill will be presented in the Parliament in the next session commencing from 18th November 2019.

While it is the intention of the Government to pass the bill in this session itself, it is certain that detailed discussions will be held both inside the Parliament and in committees.

In order to ensure that these discussions will happen with relevant study of the provisions, FDPPI and Cyber Law College is not only launching its Certificate Course in PDPA in November but also ensure that any changes that may occur in the draft bill is also part of the course.

The Course details of which has already been announced (For updates visit will commence from December 7th and will be held on week ends between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm for 6 weeks. (Due to unforeseen circumstances, the date of commencement originally meant for November 30 has been postponed by a week. Kindly excuse me for the inconvenience)

All members of FDPPI will get guest invitations from Cyber Law College to attend without the Certification.  Members of FDPPI will also be able to sponsor their friends at concessional fee of Rs 5000/-instead of Rs 7500/-.

FDPPI will also extend this facility to certain partner organizations to a limited extent so that we will create as many number of persons as possible who have studied the Bill and be able to debate it with knowledge.