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Delhi Chapter of FDPPI launched

In a well attended meeting held at the office of Deloitte, Gurugaon, the Delhi Chapter of FDPPI was formally launched.

Mr Gautam Kapoor, partner, Deloitte speaking on the occassion highlighted the special role of the Delhi Chapter in being able to closely track the policy developments since Delhi happens to the political capital of the country.

Mr Nakul Chopra who will be the provisional honorary president, made a presentation providing a brief overview of the proposed Personal Data Protection Act.

Mr Naavi made a presentation on the Data Audits as envisaged in PDPA and highlighted the need for developing a system for computing Data Trust Score.

The membership of the chapter would be expanded and the Governing council would be formally set up.

Data Audit under PDPA

PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is an important legislation which the Government of India is set to pass in the Parliament at the earliest. With the passage of the Aadhaar Amendment Act, it has become even more critical that the Government passes the Personal Data Protection Act without much delay since this contains the commitment for protection of Privacy without which some of the provisions of the Aadhaar continue to attract criticism.

While like any other Privacy protection legislation, PDPA also speaks of permitted grounds of processing of personal information, the obligations of the processor, the rights of the data owner, the penalties etc, it must be recognized that PDPA has imposed a huge responsibility on the “Audit Community” for protecting Privacy of the Indian Citizens.

PDPA envisages an annual “PDPA Compliance Audit” as a mandatory provision besides internal audits from time to time by the Data protection officer. There will also be audits whenever a Data Breach is suspected and whenever there is a perceived conflict with the RTI.

Some of these issues will be discussed by Naavi during an event in Delhi on 16th July 2019 at the Deloitte, Gurugaon office. The occassion will also mark the launch of the Delhi Chapter of FDPPI and open to non members also on invitation. Interested persons may contact Mr Nakul Chopra of Deloitte Delhi for more information.


One year of GDPR and the emerging year of PDPA

We are completing one year of GDPR. GDPR brought in a new awareness across the world about Data Protection for which all professionals having a stake in the industry has to thank.

As we celebrate the anniversary of GDPR, in India it is time to look forward to the year of PDPA.

With the return of the Modi Government, we can expect that the passage of PDPA will be smooth and before the end of this year, we will have the DPA in place.

FDPPI has dedicated itself to the cause of PDPA and will involve itself with outreach programs to spread the knowledge.

Additionally FDPPI will be co-coordinating its activities with other similar  organizations to undertake many other projects which will be discussed from time to time.

We look forward to suggestions from the professionals in this regard.



Emerging opportunities for Data Privacy Professionals in India

Justice B N Srikrishna Committee drafted “Personal Data Protection Bill -2018” is under the review of Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. Once the Bill become an Act of Parliament, it is going to affect every entity, which is collecting personal data of India citizens.

In its current form, the Act is going to touch each and every commercial and non-commercial entities possession Indian Citizens’ personal data irrespective of format or purpose. The upcoming Act already gaining attention of organizations’ senior managements and Boards to prepare their respective organizations to meet the provisions of Act.

In a bid to increase the awareness about the forthcoming legislation and to understand its impact on the industry and the professionals in the industry, FDPPI Mumbai Chapter is organizing a webinar on “Emerging opportunities for Data Privacy Professionals in India” on 11th May, 2019 at 8.00 PM (IST)

Topic:   Emerging opportunities for Data Privacy Professionals in India

Speaker: Na.Vijayashankar (Naavi), Data Protection Consultant


  1. Welcome and Brief about the FDPPI (Foundation for the Data Protection Professionals in India) by Mr Adepu Bondiah
  2. Presentation by Naavi covering
    1. Emerging opportunities for Data Protection Professionals in India
    2. How Does PDPA 2018 differ from GDPR
    3. Challenges in Compliance for Data Fiduciaries and Data Processors
    4. Challenges in conducting Data Audit and Computing Data Trust Score
    5. Q &A
  3. Vote of Thanks: Mr Rakesh Goyal

Participation is by invitation.

For invitation, Contact Mr Adepu Bondiah, or Rakesh Goyal or Mr Anil Chiplunkar or Mr Ritesh Bhatia, the Governing Council members of FDPPI, Mumbai.

Request for Invitation may be sent to 

FDPPI, Mumbai

Inauguration of Chennai Chapter

The Chennai Chapter of FDPPI was formally inaugurated on 16th March 2019 in a grand function in Hotel Rain Tree, Anna salai along with a workshop on Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act. The program was jointly conducted by FDPPI and CySi (Cyber Society of India).

A Full report of the event is available at

Ms Anitha Rajesh the President of the Chennai Governing Council , Mr Sridhar and Mr Balaji members and naavi are seen in the picture. Durai Kannaiyan and Nagendra who are the other members of the Governing Council were not present.

During the event Naavi explained the relevance of Section 65B for Data Protection industry besides a detailed discussion on its impact on the law enforcement and judiciary.


Program on Section 65B jointly with CySi in Chennai

 Launch of Chennai Chapter ad Workshop in Chennai

Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act is an important legislative provision which came to effect on 17th October 2000 and determines how Electronic Evidence has to be presented in a Court of Law for admissibility.

Several aspects of Data Protection require, archiving of data and presentation of data in quasi judicial and judicial fora and hence understanding this section is important for the DPOs in India.

On 16th March 2019, Cyber Society of India (CySi) of which Mr Naavi was the founder Secretary, and FDPPI are organizing a one day workshop on Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act. This is the first time in the last 20 years that a dedicated one day workshop is being organized on this subject. (Details are available here)

Naavi was the person who submitted the first Section 65B Certificate in any Court in India which was during the case of State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti in AMM Egmore Court in 2004. Mr S.Balu the current President of CySi was the IO in that case which was historically the first case in which conviction took place under ITA 2000 in India.

During this occassion, FDPPI is set to launch its Chennai Chapter on 16th March 2019 along with an event being conducted by Cyber Society of India (CySi)  on on Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act.

During the program, Naavi is also  launching the print version of his e-book on Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act.

Members of FDPPI in Chennai are requested to make the event a success.

FDPPI Chennai Chapter to be launched

FDPPI Chennai Chapter is set to be launched on March 16, 2019 at Chennai.

Cyber Society of India of which Naavi was a founding secretary is conducting  an event on “Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act”  and the launch is tagged with this event.

FDPPI has always proposed that it would work along with other like minded organizations and would be like a federation of such organizations provided there is commonality of purpose and this joint event after the Bangalore ISACA event is a step in this direction.

Success of this concept of “Federation” depends on the reciprocal gestures by the other organization and both in the case of ISACA, Bangalore and now CySi Chennai, FDPPI recognizes the reciprocal gesture of the other partner organization.

The principle is “We provide the content, You provide the platform” and we would like to see more such programs in the future.

FDPPI and ISACA conduct Program on PDPA

FDPPI launched its offline activities formally through a conference in Bangalore on PDPA conducted along with ISACA Bangalore Chapter.

At a well attended half day program held at FKCCI hall, the Privacy Laws as they are present in India, the Impact of GDPR and the essential features of the proposed PDPA were presented by a panel of experts from FDPPI, ISACA and also from the industry.

The program was well received.


Some Photographs from the event:

Mumbai Team Gets into Action

A meeting of the Governing Council (Subject to ratification by the Board) was held on 13th January 2019 at Mumbai and decided  that a workshop on PDPA 2018 will be organized on 20th February 2019 in Mumbai as a paid event.

Special efforts would be taken by the Mumbai team to expand the membership and also to contribute articles to the proposed journal .