Who Can Participate?

FDPPI is an organization of the Data Protection Professionals in India. Any professional who is an individual or an organziation  or an Educational Institution or even a Government Institution who has a stake in “Data” can be part of this movement.

FDPPI has been structured  as a “Limited Company” but it does not have equity shares. Liability of the members of the Company is limited by “Guarantee”.

The members of the company are those who have voting rights to elect the “Governing Council Members” at different “Regional Governing Councils (RGC)  eg:  Governing Council of Bengaluru, Governing  Council of Mumbai, Governing Council of Delhi-NCR, Governing Council of Chennai etc.

Each RGC will have one President and one Vice President who will along with other members be responsible for the activities of FDPPI in the respective region.

Each of the RGCs will nominate one member to the Central Governing Council. Directors would be automatic members of the Governing Councils.


The first step into the FDPPI is by becoming a Donor. You can chose to be any one of the following type of donor.

  1. Foundation Donors with a minimum donation of Rs 2,000/-
  2. Member Donors with a minimum donation of Rs 5,000/-
  3. Supporting Donors with a minimum donation of Rs 10,000/-

When FDPPI has any service to offer in terms of Webinars, or Offline Seminars or Workshops, “Donors” will get privileged invitations.

Non Donors may also participate in events and activities as may be indicated under terms specific to the event.

What is the difference between different types of Donors

The benefits that the organization may provide to different types of donors may vary from time to time. The framework of such benefits is as follows.

  1. Foundation Donors

a) Foundation Donors  pay Rs 2000/-  and will be eligible to utilize the services offered by FDPPI such as participation in workshops, seminars etc as members with a benefit over non-members.

b) But Foundation Donors are not be eligible to opt for membership with voting rights.

  1. Member Donors

a) Member donors pay Rs 5000/- and

b) Will have the option to become a voting member by signing  a guarantee undertaking as part of the application of membership.

(The guarantee obligation is a undertaking that in the contingent event when at some point of time in future the Company ceases its operation and at that time if the assets fall short of liabilities, then the member would contribute the required amount not exceeding a sum of Rs 10,000/-. If the Company does not wind up its operations or does not have a deficit at the time of winding up, no liability would arise.)

If the Member Donors opt to become a voting member, they will be  eligible not only to use the services offered by FDPPI but also be eligible for voting to elect the members of the RGC to which they are associated. (Eg: Member associated with Regional Council of Bengaluru will have the right to vote in elections for the post of member of the General Council of Bengaluru).

3. Supporting Donors

a) Supporting Donors pay Rs 10,000/- and will be eligible to opt to become voting members by signing the guarantee obligation.

b) Supporting Donors may also execute joint projects with a responsibility and revenue sharing arrangement with FDPPI from time to time as may be approved by the Board.

The Supporting Donors will be providing “Professional Support” to the projects unlike the “Sponsor Donors” explained below who provide only monetary support to different events. eg: A Supporting Donor may execute a Security Audit or a training program in the name of FDPPI by investing his time and expertise and enable  FDPPI to benefit. At the same time his professional services need to be also rewarded which can be structured on a profit sharing basis or otherwise.

Other than the above three types of professional donors, there could be others mostly in the organizational category who may donate higher amounts. They may be called as “Sponsor Donors” or “Patron Donors” depending on the amount donated or long term benefit that they may pass on.

eg: Sponsor donors may sponsor different events with their contribution which may vary from time to time. They could be corporate who financially assist in the conduct of events.

Patron donors may make one time large donation not specific to any event and may include Institutions or Government bodies who may lend long term assistance as “Patrons” even if their contribution may be financial or otherwise. eg: An educational Institution that may get associated with FDPPI in conducting Certification programs or other long term projects.

The decision to accept Sponsors or Patrons  would be decided by the Board from time to time.


  1. FDPPI my allow  “Student Participation under “Provisional Membership category” . They  will not have voting rights like member donors and also pay only a nominal donation. Academic institutions who could be “Patron Donors” may enrol their students as Student Members so that they could benefit from the association with the professional organization such as FDPPI.
  2. In case of organizational donors, who become “Member Donors”, appropriate documentation may be required to support the guarantee obligation and the voting may be exercised by an authorized representative duly appointed for the purpose.

Once enrolled as members the different donors may be referred to as

a) Foundation Members ( who are Foundation donors and would not have voting rights)

b) Prime Members (Who are Member Donors who would have voting rights)

c) Supporting Members (Who are supporting Donors who would have voting rights and the right to propose and execute joint projects under revenue and effort sharing programs to be approved by the Council and Board)

Additionally we may refer to Patron donors as “Patron Members” if they also opt to become a member.

For further details of how to participate in the activities of FDPPI, contact the Company through e-mail.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership in which an organization (Company, Society, Trust or any other Association of Members) becomes a member is considered as an “Aggregate Membership of the members of the organization” with the Organization as a legal entity being the lead member.

The Corporate Membership is available as either a Prime Member or Supporting member with donation of Rs 5000/- or Rs 10000/-. This will entitle the organization for one Membership. It can designate a representative where necessary to attend meetings.

It is not mandatory for the organization (as well as for individuals) to be a Voting member by signing the guarantee obligation. The Corporate member may therefore opt to continue just as a member without voting rights.

When an organization opts to enrol additional members, it can extend it’s membership by paying additional membership donation beyond the first Rs 5000/- or Rs 10000/- it has paid for the corporate membership.

For example, a donation of Rs 25000/- entitles a Corporate for one Prime Membership in the name of the organisation and four other Associate Prime Membership for 4 persons. Alternatively it entitles for one Supporting membership in the name of the organization and 3 Associate individual memberships. The Associate membership is dependent on the corporate membership and will cease when the individual leaves the organization or the organization itself ceases to be a member.

As long as the Company does not execute the guarantee obligation, it is not considered as a “Voting Member”. However, for any Company that has donated  Rs 25000/-  or more, the Board of Directors has the discretion to include one representative in the Governing Council.

A Company can therefore participate in the activities of FDPPI as a Governing Council member and also extend the facility of Associate membership to its employees.

For More information, See “How to Become a Member”

Membership Application Form along with Donation Offer form can be downloaded here