FDPPI has set up a Data Protection Emergency Response Team (DPERT) as part of its commitment to the Data Protection industry to assist in the development of a nationwide data protection environment.

The DPERT will be constituted as part of FDPPI which is a Not for Profit organization registered under Section 8 of Indian Companies Act.

DPERT will consist of a group of voluntary data protection professionals who would provide immediate guidance to any organization confronted with an emergency response requirement in the event of a suspected personal data breach event.

The members of DPERT will remain anonymous and the first response is a free service.

DPERT can be contacted through e-mail here: DPERT 

In view of the need for immediate contact, any person trying to contact DPERT may also send a message to Naavi through WhatsApp or Telegram or e-mail. On receipt query would be circulated to the Team members and a response would be sent ASAP.