FDPPI CDPP 2023-Updated

Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) a premier Data Protection organization in India has been conducting a program for Certification of Data Protection Professionals in India.

Currently the training program was being conducted on the basis of Indian law in the form of draft DPDPB 2022.

With the passage of the Bill and the Presidential assent on 11th August 2023, the Bill has now become an Act.

FDPPI has therefore revised its curriculum for the Course. But the Courses will continue to be conducted in three modules, Module I on Indian law, Module G on Global Laws and Module A on Audit skills.

Module I is being completely revamped and also expanded. One of the batches of this course will be commencing shortly. The Module G will not change for the time being. Module A is being revamped to cover the Audit requirements more extensively under PDPCSI framework.

FDPPI’s Certification program includes an in-depth discussion on the Indian Law, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, DIFC-DPL and Singapore data protection law to provide a firm foundation in Data Protection laws across the globe for the participants.

Additionally the CDPP program discusses an exclusive Personal Data Protection Compliance Framework for Indian Corporates from the perspective of implementation for compliance and certifiable audit. The framework based on the Digital Governance and Protection Standard of India (DGPSI) is a framework of 50 implementation specifications and leads to an evaluation of Data Trust Score (DTS) as a reflection of the compliance maturity of an organization.

Currently Module I and Module G are provided on recorded mode. Module A is offered as online version.

Users can take the recorded sessions at their convenience. They will be supported by mentoring sessions to be scheduled on mutual appointment.

In terms of the coverage, FDPPI programs stand at a different footing compared to any other Privacy related programs.

Program coverage

Session no Duration MinutesCoverage
1.190Introduction to the concepts of Privacy, Data Protection, Data as an Asset, Data Valuation
1.290Data Protection laws of India-ITA 2000, , Intermediary Guidelines, CERT In Guidelines
2.190DPDPA 2023: Applicability, Roles, Penalties
2.290DPDPA 2023: Obligations, Rights, Regulatory Mechanism
3.190Introduction to GDPR
3.290GDPR: Compliance Requirements
4.190Brief introduction to other laws-HIPAA, CCPA, DIFC and Singapore law
4.290Cases. Discussion (Lawful Basis, Consent)
5.190Cases.. Discussions (Cross Border Transfer, DPIA, Data Breach Notification)
5.290Introduction to Data Audit
6.190DPIA and Compliance Audit
6.290DGPSI as a Framework and Data Trust Score
 8 90Discussions

The main faculty for the program would be Naavi.

After the program all participants will be issued participation Certificates. Interested participants can take an online examination for being certified as “Certified Data Protection Professional”.

The Fee for the program is Rs 50000/- (Inclusive of GST) which includes

a) Basic membership of FDPPI worth Rs 10000/-

b) Registration in the Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals (www.inrdpp.in) worth Rs 3000/-

c) The online Examination free for one attempt. Repeat attempts are priced at Rs 6000/-

Registration can be done through

a) Direct registration at our training partner’s page or

b) By completing the form below.

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