Governing Council-Bengaluru

On 8th February 2020, the members of Bangalore FDPPI met and reconstituted the Governing Council for Bangalore with the following persons.

  1. T P Ashok  (Honorary President)
  2.  Vasanthika Srinath
  3. Deepalakshmi Vadivelan
  4. Suresh Balepur
  5. P.B. Vishwanath
  6. V Nagendra
  7. Na.Vijayashankar 



On 30th October 2018, the Board of Directors met and nominated the following persons to constitute the Governing Council in Bengaluru.

  1. Sivarama Krishnan Prakash (Honorary President)
  2. Vasanthika Srinath
  3. Sreevidya Varma
  4. Deepalakshmi Vadivelan
  5. M.A.Ranganath
  6. Vibhakar Bhushan
  7. Ramesh Kauta (Moved to Mumbai)
  8. Nagendra Javagal
  9. Na.Vijayashankar

The Governing Council will be planning and developing the activities of FDPPI.

A Sub committee of the Council consisting of Sreevidya Varma, Vasanthika Sriram and Vijayashankar will form the editorial committee to develop a quarterly “E-Zine”.

A Sub committee headed by Mr Ramesh Kauta will focus on membership.

Other sub committees are being set up for developing different activities of the Company.